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Template:Fictional Battles

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Fictional Battles
Conflict: conflict
Partof: part of which conflict
Date: date
Place: place
Result: e.g siege fails
Combatant1: combatant1
Combatant2: combatant2
Commander1: commander1
Commander2: commander2
Strength1: strength1
Strength2: strength2
Casualties1: casualties
Casualties2: casualties2

useage guide

To use try {{Fictional_Battles |image=[[File:No_image.png]] |caption=battle name |conflict=? |partof=?? |date=?/?/?? |place=???? |result=???? |combatant1=???? |combatant2=???? |combatant3=???? |commander1=???? |commander2=???? |commander3=???? |strength1=???? |strength2=???? |strength3=???? |casualties1=???? |casualties2=???? |casualties3=???? }}

which gives the box on the left:

The combatant3, commander3 lines are optional don't add a value to them if you don't need them.

Fictional Battles
No image.png
battle name
Conflict: ?
Partof: ??
Date: ?/?/??
Place: ????
Result: ????
Combatant1: ????
Combatant2: ????
Commander1: ????
Commander2: ????
Strength1: ????
Strength2: ????
Casualties1: ????
Casualties2: ????