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Template:Historical Battles

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Historical Battles
Game: What total war game
Part of: Part of what war/larger battle
Date: The date
Location: Where was it?
Defending Forces: The commander(s) of the defending force(s); try to include a faction symbol(s) Bold the playable factions
Attacking Forces: The commander(s) of the attacking force(s); try to include a faction symbol(s)
Defending Strength: How many cavalry/infantry?
Attacking Strength: How many cavalry/infantry?
Historical Results: What did the battle do?
Historical Casualties: List killed, missing, wounded for all sides. Use faction symbols.


Enter this text to use this template:

|caption=battle name
|Part of=??
|Defending Forces=[[Image:Austria_flag.jpg|25px]] [[Austria (ETW Faction) | Austria]]
|Attacking Forces=[[Image:Symbol_england.jpg|25px]] [[England (M2TW Faction) |Kingdom of England]]
|Defending Strength=????
|Attacking Strength=????
|Results=Boom boom everyone die

This gives the box on the right:

The combatant3 and commander3 lines are optional; don't add a value to them if you don't need them.


Avoid using "N/A" when entering values-use "none" or "unknown" instead.

Historical Battles
No image.png
battle name
Game: ?
Part of: ??
Date: ?/?/??
Location: ????
Defending Forces: Austria flag.jpg Austria
Attacking Forces: Symbol england.jpg Kingdom of England
Defending Strength: ????
Attacking Strength: ????
Historical Results: Boom boom everyone die
Historical Casualties: Everyone