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The Apachean Tribes (M2TW:K Faction)

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M2TW Kingdoms:


Starting Postion

Northern part of the map in Apachean Camp.


Apache Camp



  • Apachean Scout
  • Apachean Brave
  • Onde's Men
  • Medicine Man
  • War Chief


  • Mounted Apache
  • Mounted Thunder Brave

Missile Infantry

  • Rabbit Boys
  • Dog Soldiers
  • Koitsenko
  • Thunder Brave


A good strategy with the Apache is to immediately call a warpath on one of the furthermost eastern settlements (such as Alibamu or those in Florida). While on the warpath you should conquer every rebel settlement you pass. By the end of the Warpath, you should have most of north America under your leadership. Following the warpath (or during it) you should capture all the rebel settlements between you and the Chichimeca. Once this is done, you should prepare some warriors on your borders and invade the Chichimec tribes. Meanwhile you should send a diplomat down into the heart of Mexico and get as much map information as you can from other factions in exchange for alliances and trade rights. In the east of your domain you should build some hefty armies as a defense against the inevitable French invasions. Once you defeat the French, you can train Cavalry and gunpowder units, and after conquering the Chichimeca you may start attacking some of the mesoamerican tribes with your armies. Be sure to bring some cavalry and gunners in the assault.

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