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The Byzantine Empire (M2TW:K Faction)

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M2TW Kingdoms:


Starting Position

They are at the corner northwest of the map, in a rather secluded area for the most part but nearly engulfing the turkish area there. They start with several areas outreaching east on the northern shore and two islands. They have numerous settlements and constantinople is among the richest in the game . And starts better then most other settlements can aspire to only late in the game!

0035-3.jpg 0036-3.jpg 0037-4.jpg 0038-4.jpg 0039-3.jpg 0040-3.jpg 0041-3.jpg 0043-3.jpg 0042-4.jpg 0044-3.jpg 0045-3.jpg 0046-4.jpg

Victory Contion and starting agents

Long . Hold 25 Regions , Constantinople (30 turns) Ankara (10 Turns) Bagdahd (10 turns) antioch (10 turns) Alexandria (10 turns) Eliminate Faction turks.


Short : Hold 15 Regions. Eliminate Faction Turks



Unique Buildings


10%/20% Health bonus 0.5%/1% populationg growth bonus


Ikoners Studio

10%/15% health bonus. 100%/150% Orthodox conversion amplifier



Unit Summary

The Byzantine empire features a powerful roster with especially powerful late game infantry , ranged cavalry and the greek firethrowers. However they lack a really powerful consistent and easy-to-get ranged foot unit and greek firethrowers are hard to use . Their cavalry is very good as well , usually the best Toe-to-Toe cavalry there is. They do however, have poor gunpowder artillery to smash down walls and the byzantine gunners are a poor excuse for a ranged gunpowder unit. Overall its a amazing roster, but hard to reach the buildings needed for even average potential in every aspect of the game, However full horse-archer armies can be used, and they have plenty of those.


0009-2.jpg 0007-2.jpg 0006-2.jpg 0004-2.jpg 0005-2.jpg 0002-2.jpg 0001-2.jpg 0000-2.jpg 0021-3.jpg

Ranged Infantry

0012-2.jpg 0011-2.jpg 0010-3.jpg 0008-2.jpg 0022-2.jpg


0017-4.jpg 0016-4.jpg 0015-2.jpg 0014-3.jpg 0013-3.jpg 0023-3.jpg

Ranged Cavalry

0018-3.jpg 0020-3.jpg 0024-3.jpg


0025-3.jpg 0026-4.jpg 0027-3.jpg 0028-3.jpg 0029-4.jpg

Tactical Strategies

On the uses of Greek Firethrowers

Standard Formation:How to deal with a very mixed force or one composed mostly of infantry Try and have a powerful Defensive stack in the front, this is preferably done right to the back of the map so that you're not easy to flank. Do this on a hill if possible. a extremely steep hill is a giant advantage 0030-3.jpg As the AI charges you , Hold firm and flank with your greek flamethrowers and begin the process i call Fryin em like they were mcdonalds happy meals 0031-3.jpg


Checkered Formation : How to deal with a force of cavalry charging first . The idea here is to open small gaps between some spearmen (Preferaly medium-power) and put between those greek firethrowers behind them. This is again, best done at a hill.


Make sure the gaps arent large enough to allow cavalry to charge through too much, but units of fodder spearmen may be a waste as powerful cavalry will mince meat out of them without actually penetrating , which means youll find it difficult to fire before being attacked


Ambush !: How to deal with Ranged units coming toward you and you want them to suffer from third degree burns To use this strategy, you must have a large forest at your disposal. and it must be at the center of the map . Anything less then this and the strategy is difficult to use. and it already is! Positioning is an important factor here, If you position a unit incorrenctly is gets spotted which can ruin your entire strategy. Position two melee units between the center path of the forest, keep them well hidden! Then put your generals unit which cant be hidden far behind them, doesnt have to be in a forest. Then place your flamethrower unit a bit behind the melee units



Wait until the enemy reach nearly past your melee units and then attack!


Then Dont let them escape! Holding them is vital

0061-1.jpg 2 Templar crossbowen with 1 silver chevron have been routed and defeated by 3 peasents and one greek flamethrower Obviously. This tactic is extremely conditional. But if you have an army mostly of crappy melee units and some flamethrowers then retreat into a forest nearby and try it out. But be careful! You only have one try

On the uses of the Mangonel

A mongonel should be used mainly at choke points, and nearby. Use some heavy units (in this case, varangian guard) to stop enemy units from reaching past the choke point


Then only fire when the enemies get close, Also always fire BEHIND the attacking line near your troops if possible, your mangonels can cause serious misfires that are definatly not negligile! Mangonels can explode in two ways, either vastly inaccurate pieces of burning shrapnel fall from the sky after the barrel explodes in midair, or the barrek explodes directly causing a large explosion. You usually want the latter , The latter will happen more often when close to the enemy, far away and the barrles explode into the shrapnel (and generally rarely kill much)



Overall Strategy

Your overall strategy is to decimate the turks near you, and to prepare for venice, after that you should preferably capture some shore towns like jerusalem and Antioch so you can finish your objectives.To stop Venice, build a line of forts ajacent to Constantinople to defend it. You must hold them for some turns so send large forces! Overall your virtually impossible to destroy early on .

Manuel Commenus

Manuel Commenus is the Byzantine Empire's hero and is available from the start (and therefore, kinda old) He begins in Constantinople. His ability is to once per battle incapacitate some random units the enemy have, this lasts about 5-10 seconds before disappearing, therefore its highly random. It's recommended to try it when your horses are near charging (especially if the enemy use a lot of spearmen!)

Handsome Old guy isn't he?


Battle Pinxiety, They wont attack, Pink banners means they have been disabled by the ability


Unique Christian Trait

Hero of christendom +2 Piety +2 command +3 Authority +2 Troopmorale (I have not found the trigger as of now, I assume it must be unique to Richard/Philipp but i may be wrong)

Byzantine Reinforcement

When Constantinople is taken, some reinforcements will arrive. This can only happen 5 times and may or may not be limited by the number of turns and settlements you have ( The campaign script suggest so, but i've heard otherwise). If so you can only recieve reinforcements in this order Turn 20>/30>/40>/50>/60> and less then 5/6/7/8/9 settlements. Of course you could lose constantinople 5 times past turn 60 and they would all appear as its taken.

First Wave -

2 byzantine Cavalry 2 peasents 2 peasent archers 2 Town militia 2 Pronoia infantry

Second Wave

2 Byzantine cavalry 2 peasents 2 Skythlion 2 trebizond archers 2 pronoia infantry

Third Wave

2 Byzantine cavalry 2 peasents 2 Byzantine Spearmen 2 trebizond archers 2 pronoia infantry

Fourth Wave

2 Latinkon 2 peasents 2 Byzantine Guard Archers 2 Byzantine Spearmen 2 Poronoia infantry

Fifth Wave

2 Latinkon 2 Alamanoi 2 Byzantine Guard Archers 2 Byzantine Spearmen 2 Poronoia infantry

The Fourth Crusade

Around roughly turn seventeen, the Fourth Crusade (represented by Venice) will arrive in the land west of Constantinople. Usually they will have three mid-to-full stacks, consisting of:

3 generals

3 mailed Knights

3 Dismounted feudal knights

2 ballistae

5 Mounted crossbowmen

2 Pavise crossbow militia

2 Italian spear militia

2 armoured sergeants

2 catapults

2 trebuchets

3 dismounted crusader knights

3 Pavise Crossbow Militia

2 crusader sergeants

2 crusader knights




A vaguely clever tactic to employ against the Fourth Crusade if you need a little extra time is to construct three forts just west of Constantinople like so:


It doesn't really matter what you fill them with, as long as there's something in them. The reason for all this is that Venice actually starts off the campaign as a neutral faction towards you (despite the message telling you that they have set their sights on Constantinople and the blatant nature of the aims). Anyway, this means that due to the stupidity of the AI the Venetian armies will stop in the three fort's zones of control and do little else, their lack of a navy means they can't flank the forts by sea either. This leaves you time to finish off that army of Vangarian Guards - or ship an extra army up from Rhodes or Smyrna, whatever.

Byzantine Empire strong points and weaknesses

According to the game their strong points are the good heavy and ranged cavalry, powerful infantry and the Greek Firethrowers. Their weaknesses are spread out starting position and not well liked by its neighbours.

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