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The Chichimec Tribes (M2TW:K Faction)

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M2TW Kingdoms:


The Chichimec are a playable faction in the The Americas Campaign. They feature a balanced unit roster, With decent a quickly available infantry and ranged units, However their units are far weaker then their close neighbours , The Aztec Empire (M2TW Kingdoms) and The Tarascans Tribes (M2TW Kingdoms) They worship the sun god and receive access to sacrifice. They are widely regarded as a copy of The Aztec Empire (M2TW Kingdoms) in Buildings and a mix of The Apachean Tribes (M2TW Kingdoms) and their own blend of units. They have a poor starting position , they start out extremely poor and in debt and the few nearby rebel cities worth anything will likely soon be challenged by the other factions (The Aztec Empire (M2TW Kingdoms) or The Tarascans Tribes (M2TW Kingdoms) And later on, The Apachean Tribes (M2TW Kingdoms))

Starting position

The Chichimec start on the centre-west of the center of the map. They start with some poor settlements(2 Of them) . They have a few able armies and generals walking around but be warned they are far inferior to even regular Mesoamerican troops, and the nearby cities necessary to take to stabilize your economy are relatively well guarded.




Victory Conditions and Initial Agents



Their Units are a pretty average bunch offering strategical choices. The Raiders have a ability to hide anywhere and they have good archers if used correctly. They have a good ability to spam decent early units in comparison to the Apacheans, but their power is still quite limited. When They come into contact with a European faction New Spain (M2TW Kingdoms) or New France (M2TW Kingdoms) and New England (M2TW Kingdoms) They can "steal" technology through battle








Ranged Infantry






Theft Of enemy "technology"

After a certain amount of battles the chichimecs can gain a cavalry unit and a ranged gunpowder one, The cavalry needs to be used strategically as its quite weak, however the gunpowder ranged unit is a useful asset that can be used easily. Though not as easily as a general ranged unit is used.

To get the chichimec riders you beat 10 battles against armies with any form of cavalry

to get the chichimec gunners you have to beat 10 battles against armies with any form of gunpowder infantry unit


The chichimec can sacrifice to the sun god to increase the influence of their religion in a region. The benefits are as follows

Sacrificing (execute prisoners) a general offers 1% conversion

Sacrificing a faction leader offers 3% conversion

holding sacrifices offers 1% conversion

Sacking a city offers 1% conversion

Exterminating a city offers 3% conversion

Overall Strategy

The chichimec should expand early into the south rebel citys, Which are quite rich . They should capture this. the next decision you make is integral to your strategy. You decide if you ally with the tarascans or not.

Northward Expansion

If so, expand northwards and capture the villages. This means you will consistently have finincial problems throughout most of the campaign, but will be secure. Dont go to far north and leave the apacheans when you get too close to them. Because new france will emerge eventually Remember to take the Rebel cities southward early too! 0029-7.jpg 0030-6.jpg

= Southward Expansion

If not. Then prepare for a war with the tarascans and/or the aztecs which may be difficult. Overall you should limit yourself from expandign too far south because of New england and New spain, you will need a stable economy and many armies to rid yourself of them!

0027-5.jpg 0028-5.jpg 0031-5.jpg

Chichimec buildings.

0032-5.jpg 0033-5.jpg 0034-4.jpg 0035-4.jpg 0036-4.jpg 0037-5.jpg 0038-5.jpg 0039-4.jpg 0040-4.jpg 0041-4.jpg 0042-5.jpg 0043-4.jpg 0044-4.jpg 0045-4.jpg 0046-5.jpg

Chichimec Unique Traits and Ancillaries


Nomad increases movement by 25% every chichimec general /priest/spy/assassin has a high if not 100% chance of getting this

Blood Letter

Piety 1

Violence 1

Blood Offerer

Piety +2

LocalPopularity +1

Violence +2

Squalor -1

Flesh offerer

Effect Piety +3

Authority +1

PublicSecurity +1

LocalPopularity +2

Violence +2

Squalor -2


Piety +4

Authority +2

PublicSecurity +2

LocalPopularity +3

Farming +1

Violence +3

Squalor -3

Unrest -1

Will of the gods

Piety +5

Authority +3

PublicSecurity +4

LocalPopularity + 4

Farming +2

Violence 3

-4 Squalor

Unrest -2

When sacrificing in a city with a great pyramid is being held


LocalPopularity +1

-10% cost to bribe

Unrest -1

Law -1

Nobel spectator

+1 Loyalty

+2 Local Popularity

-2 unrest

-1 Law

Famous nobel spectator

+2 Loyalty

+3 local popularity

-2 unrest

-1 law

When a Ball court exists and a general hasn't moved


Crystal skull

+2 authority +1 command versus catholics +2 Versus followers of the great spirit +2 Versus followers of the sun god +4 hit points

Human skull

+ 2 dread

+1 Command

heroic victory with the general having 2 dread

Copper axe

+1 command

general killed 8 people in battle and has over 3 command

Ceremonial Tomahowk

+2 command

after a battle with a general with over 4 command and over 4 authority

Poison frog

-1 authority -1 personal security -2 Fertility

No trigger as far as i can tell.

Metal Widget

-2 Authority

Doesn't have intelligent trait, fought a catholic faction and has under 4 authority

Hand Gun

+2 Dread +2 command versus catholic enemies -1 squalor ( i suppose he needs test targets)

Herioc victory and general has +4 dread.

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