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The Empire (TWW Faction)

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The Empire is a playable faction in the upcoming title of Total War: Warhammer by Creative Assembly.


The Empire, one of the most important human factions in the old world, was found by Sigmar Heldenhammer who later ascended to godhood. The Empire was a collection of tribes before Sigmar united them against the orcs over 2500 years before the current state of Warhammer Fantasy world. The Empire is currently ruled by Emperor Karl Franz, elector count of Reikland.

Starting Position

The Empire has an interesting start, practically in the middle of the old world, surrounded by the good and the evil alike. Mountains around The Empire house a variety of Dwarf and Greenskin strongholds, to their south the Border Princes reside where a narrow pass leads into the heartlands of the Empire. To the west of the Empire resides the Kingdom of Bretonnia. To the North, standing between the chaos wastes and the Empire's lands resides Kislev and finally to the east, the Vampire Counts, and further beyond them are the Dwarf holds and many orc tribes that mark the old world.

Playing as the Empire, the player will start as Reikland, which resides roughly south-west lands of The Empire, surrounded by the Elector Counties of Middenland, Talabecland, Stirland, Averland and Wissenland. Also a narrow pass that leads to the Kingdom of Bretonnia to its west, Reikland stands at a relatively secure position.

Legendary Lords

Karl Franz: Emperor Karl Franz, the current ruler of the Empire, Elector Count of Reikland and Prince of Altdorf. Karl Franz was elected to the throne in 2502 IC. In Total War: Warhammer, Karl Franz is presented as a legendary lord of the Empire, legendary lords are special characters with special skill trees that render them unique unlike their lesser lord/agent counterparts.

Balthasar Gelt: Balthasar Gelt, a skilled Wizard of the Gold College and the Supreme Patriarch of the Empire. The patriarch is responsible for advising Emperor Karl Franz is all decisions dealing with the Arcane. In Total War: Warhammer, Balthasar Gelt presents the player with the option to play with a magic oriented legendary lord, as opposed to Karl Franz who is more a melee/leading figure, with his own unique skill tree and equipment.


The Empire is capable of fielding the most variety in the armies of the warhammer world. Decent and sometimes outright superior, the Empire's armies rely more on combined arms than simple brute force or speed. With its advanced technology, loyal troops and valiant knightly orders, the Empire armies are a match to any force the old world can present, however the powers surrounding them are not weak. Rebels nibble at the great empire within while the Emperor has to constantly keep a keen eye on his elector counts, many threats from outside the Empire loom over the noble faction. Demonic forces of Chaos are ever a threat that can roll south like a thunderous storm, the orcs from the Badlands at every border and the undead rising from the graves, Kingdom of Bretonnia ever a concern with their armies of Knights to the west, despite all the Empire's power, their position in the old world is far from secure.


The Empire fields a variety of troops, from the simplest State Troops to the most sophisticated Artillery. The roster is as follows.


  • General of the Empire - Melee


  • Captain of the Empire - Melee
  • Warrior Priest – Melee/Caster
  • Witch Hunter – Ranged
  • Celestial Wizard – Caster (Lore of Heavens)
  • Light Wizard – Caster (Lore of Light)
  • Bright Wizard – Caster (Lore of Fire)


  • Deathclaw (Karl Franz Only)
  • Warhorse
  • Barded Warhorse
  • Imperial Pegasus
  • Imperial Griffon

Melee Infantry:

  • Halberdiers
  • Spearmen
  • Swordsmen
  • Spearmen (Shields)
  • Greatswords

Missile Infantry:

  • Crossbowmen
  • Hand Gunners

Melee Cavalry:

  • Reiksguard

Melee Monstrous Cavalry:

  • Demigryph Knights
  • Demigryph Knights (Halberds)

Missile Cavalry:

  • Pistoliers
  • Outriders
  • Outriders (Grenade Launchers)


  • Lumiark of Hysh
  • Steam Tank


  • Great Cannon
  • Mortar
  • Helblaster Volley Gun
  • Helstorm Rocket Battery


The Empire is a technologically advanced faction both in terms of mechanics and magical, both on the field of battle and less violent fields. From the famous Steam Tanks to the eight different magic Colleges, the Empire pursues many different advancements.

Elector Counties and Counts

The position is hereditary, and usually passed from father to eldest child. As a badge of office each Elector Count wields a Runefang one of the twelve magic swords forged by Alaric the Mad a Dwarf Runesmith.

  • Karl Franz (current emperor) Elector Count of Reikland, prince of Altdorf
  • Alberich Haupt-Anderssen Elector Count of Stirland
  • Helmut Feurerbach Elector Count of Talabecland
  • Emmanuelle von Liebwitz Elector Countess of Wissenland
  • Marius Leitdorf Elector Count of Averland
  • Aldebrand Ludenhof Elector Count of Hochland
  • Boris Todbringer Elector Count of Middenland
  • Theodoric Gausser Elector Count of Nordland
  • Valmir von Raukov Elector Count of Ostland
  • Wolfram Hertwig Elector Count of Ostermark

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