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The First Triumvirate

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The First Triumvirate, known as TFT is a late Roman Republic mod for RTW v1.5 contained within it's own mod-folder.

Take command as Caesar, Crassus, Pompey, Vercingetorix or Orodes in the waning days of the Roman Republic.

Five campaigns are included:

  • Caesar - 58 BC
Will you conquer Gaul and cross the Rubicon?
  • Crassus in the East - 53 BC
Will you defeat the Parthians and return to assert yourself as Rome's master?
  • Pompey - 49 BC
Will you escape to Greece and build an army capable of defeating Caesar?
  • The Gallic Rebellion - 53 BC
Will you lead a successful revolt to free Gaul from the Roman yoke for all time?
  • Parthia - 53 BC
Marcus Licinius Crassus is on the verge of invading, and your generals and sons are not to be trusted. Can you defeat Crassus while avoiding internal strife?

Hosted with the Fall of the Republic - Rise of the Empire (FFRE) modification on TWC see here.


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