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The Guild

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The Guild's logo from their homepage.


The Guild is one of the largest three Total War forums, the other two being Total War Center and the Official Forums. It is commonly known as the 'Org' as its web address is www.totalwar.org.

The heart of the Org are its community forums, where Total War fans from across the globe meet and discuss their campaigns, their victories, their defeats, and everything else! The forums are the place to find in-depth and friendly discussion of all the Total War series of games.

It has the most active Medieval: Total War and Shogun: Total War sections, and is the second largest in terms of number of members. It is considered to be well reputable for it's friendly and welcoming community. It is currently run by TosaInu, forum administrator, Ser Clegane, TosaInu's deputy, and barroca, website administrator and approximately twenty-one moderators.

Strategic Guides

The Org is also a great place to find detailed information and advice on all aspects of strategy, tactics and mods. It houses frogbeastegg's renowned and extensive guides to Medieval Total War and Rome Total War and an in-depth game mechanics research forum.


The Org has active multiplayer forums for each and every game in the Total War series (for those who want to test their mettle against opponents online) and a Play-By-eMail forum (the "Throne Room") where members enjoy co-operative 'succession' campaigns, online hotseat campaigns or multiplayer/diplomacy type campaigns such as King of the Romans.


Much of the Org is also devoted to those members of the community adding something 'extra' to their Total War games. It is one of the leading Total War modification sites.

The Org hosts several major mods, the largest of which is Europa Barbarorum, and includes a fully categorised database listing of mods available to download. Modders themselves will find an uploading area for their files, a full modding tutorials section and its own wiki incorporated into the forums, devoted to modding research!

The 'Tavern'

The Org also has a variety of off-topic areas where discussions range across life, the universe or anything, including the famed (and occasionally flamed) political Backroom. It features an arcade, an IRC chat and a Java Chat and is considered to be well reputable for its friendly and welcoming community. The off-topic forums are open to new members once they have been there for a few weeks.


The Org was the first unofficial fan site for the Total War series, established near the end of 1998 / beginning of 1999 after news was announced of a ground-breaking grand strategy game in development called Shogun: Total War.

Created by Dan Goldstein, the original domain was a fan page dedicated to Creative Assembly's Shogun: Total War game.

The site itself spawned a community of like minded fans that congregated on a subsidiary Echelon board which, due to the large influx of members and subsequent instability, were later discarded and replaced more than once for several on-server board services along with hosted sub-sites.

In 2001 the admins were Terazawa (mainpage) and Anssi Hakkinen (Sword Dojo) and Dan Goldstein was webmaster.

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