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The Rights of Man 3 - Road to Kyoto

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TROM3 better.png
The Rights of Man 3 - Road to Kyoto
Platform Total War: Shogun II
Mod Type Overhaul
Era16th Century
Mod Leader Yarkis de Bodemloze
Release Status v1.91
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TROM3 - Road to Kyoto is a comprehensive mod for Shogun 2 TW in the tradition of TROM for ETW and TROM2 for NTW. The main idea behind the mod is to make the game more interesting for hardcore strategy players without radically changeing it. This is an early release with several improvements to both campaign and battle gameplay. The mod is build in modular way, so you can tailor it toward your own needs.


  • Increased game length: short campaign ends 1590, long campaign 1620 and domination campaign 1640
  • Added additional garrison troops to the archery dojo, yari drill yard and sword school building lines
  • Fixed a vanilla problem with the Rice Exchange, the Merchant Guild and the Kanbukama: Since they reduce the food surplus that otherwise provides a growth bonus in EVERY province you own, they create a negative income curve on the long run if you own many provinces. The mod adds a global growth bonus to compensate for the loss of the global food related growth. The local growth bonus was reduced.
  • Adjusted many building effects regarding units (Thanks to 'crazyman fromrussia' for his suggestions!)
  • Reduced the global agent success penalty for the player from -10 to -5
  • Made survival skill of the monk more usefull
  • The AI will use their monks more offensively.
  • The AI has a higher agent cap for ninjas and metsukes (+1 each) to spice up agent gameplay (in my games the player is too dominant) (new campaign only)
  • Several improvements to the CAI of the "monk" factions (Uesugi; Ikko Ikki): better build orders and better tech selection ( they are now able to recruit monk units)
  • Additional scripted help for AI Shimazu and AI Uesugi to increase their survival chance
  • Added a description to thenew Daimyo trait and chnaged some units names.
  • Attack by Fire is needed to enable fire by rank for matchlock units

The Team


Latest version is v0.4.

Older version: v0.35

  • The Uesugi can now recruit matchlock warrior monks and naginata warrior monk cavalry.
  • Generals get 3 skill points when leveling.
  • Reduced the effects of experience on stats of ships.
  • Finetuned some other stuff like fatigue and skill bonuses

Visual Material

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