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The Teutonic Order (M2TW:K Faction)

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M2TW Kingdoms:


The Teutonic Order are a playable faction in the Teutonic Campaign in the Kingdoms expansion for Medieval II: Total War.

The Teutonic order is a new faction in Medieval 2 Total War:kingoms and is a Medium-difficulty faction to play in the new Teutonic campaign. It has a divided empire that can be reunited quickly, and can blitz Lithuania, however later in the game it will find itself surrounded and having no Allies. In general preperation must be made for this period of time in advance so that you can withstand the might of every other faction attacking you. You have very powerful units, both in terms of backbone and elite. You can field order spearmen and Ritterbrüders and the mangonel. You have no weaknesses basically speaking except that you will have no light infantry. Also you have a disadvantage that you can make only castles, cities are forbidden to you. Your faction leader is picked based on authority, the most authoritive is picked and becomes leader.

Starting Position


On the Baltic coast in the area now occupied by the countries of Latvia, Estonia, and Russia (Kaliningradskaya/Prussia)

The Southern Position and the Cities There

The Teutonic Order begins with some cities and an army in this region . The bulk of their initial military might and their most advanced castles exist here. They are close to Poland and Lithuania, and to an extent the mongols.

0037-6.jpg 0038-6.jpg 0039-5.jpg 0040-5.jpg

The Northern Position and the Cities There

The Northern position is considerably less advanced, but has 5 cities. However there is no army for use in this region. They do however have Riga, a relatively advanced city as a exception. This area is in proximity to Denmark, Novgrod , and Lithuania

0041-5.jpg 0042-6.jpg 0043-5.jpg 0044-5.jpg 0045-5.jpg

Special Teutonic Traits

Hochmeiser (gained for being a faction leader) 3 command 2 troop morale 2 authority 3 personal security

Grosskontor (gained for being a faction heir) 2 command 1 troop morale 1 authority 2 personal security

Komteuri (Gained by capturing cities) 1 command 1 troop morale 2 personal security

Landmeister (gained by capturing even more cities ) 2 command 1 troop morale

The Diplomatic Situation the Goals to Victory and the Agents at the Beginning

The Teutonic order begins at war with Lithuania.

Their Victory condition


Hold 45 regions :Including Visby, Vilinus, Novgorod, Kiev, and Poznan

Eliminate Faction Lithuania


Hold 35 regions : Including Visby, Vilinus, Novgorod, Kiev, and Poznan

Eliminate Faction Lithuania

Priest (2 Piety) Priest (2 Piety) Priest (4 Piety) Merchant (2 Finance)


Teutonic order Special Buildings

Hanseatic League Headquarters( City or Castle) Increase global trading economy throughout your realm for every city you control. This Headquaters costs 4000 florins to build and is offered as a guild if you get the relevent cities which increase the points towards you goal of getting it. Only one can exist in the campaign map. The person who owns most of the following cities gets to build the HQ. Riga, Novgorod, Hamburg, Danzig, and Vilnus.


Jousting Lists (Castle)

Increase experience for knights by +1 / +2 Increases happiness by 5% / 5% and gives a free unit upkeep +0 / +1

0034-5.jpg 0035-5.jpg

Castle Library (Castle)

Allows the recruitment of diplomats and spies. Also on the upgrade diplomats, spies, and assassins.

0032-6.jpg 0033-6.jpg


Strong and well armoured infantry and cavalry with supporting missile troops.


0000-5.jpg 0001-5.jpg 0002-5.jpg 0003-6.jpg 0004-5.jpg 0005-5.jpg 0006-6.jpg 0007-6.jpg

Ranged Infantry

0008-5.jpg 0009-5.jpg 0010-7.jpg 0011-6.jpg 0012-6.jpg


0013-7.jpg 0014-7.jpg 0015-6.jpg 0016-8.jpg 0017-8.jpg 0018-7.jpg 0019-8.jpg

Ranged Cavalry



0022-6.jpg 0023-7.jpg 0024-7.jpg 0025-7.jpg 0026-8.jpg 0028-7.jpg 0029-9.jpg 0030-8.jpg 0031-7.jpg

Crusading Nobles

Crusading Nobles appear at certain turns if your not allied with Lithuania and Lithuania has not converted. The first is English, the second French, and the third is English again.


Charles (English bodyguard) 3 Levy Spearmen 2 Feudal Knights 3 Dismounted Feudal Knights (Will land at the Baltic from turn 10-20)


Philip (french generals bodyguard)

4 Religous Fanatics 2 Dismounted French Archers 1 Mounted French Archer 2 Chivalric Knights 2 Dismounted Chivalric knights

Henry (English bodyguard)

4 Longbowmen 2 English Knights 2 Dismounted English Knights

The amount of money gained is affected by these factors= 500 Initial cash 500 for any battle won 1000 for any siege won -750 if you lose a battle -1500 if you lose a siege -250 if its a draw 2000 if you exterminate a city 501 extra for the end (can anyone confirm?) . This is only in affect if Lithuania is still pagan!


It is vitally important for The Teutonic Order to unify itself and capture the cities between their two areas. It's advisable to use the Crusading Generals to conquer them, especially because they give you much-needed florins at the end of their mission. Try and declare an alliance with Poland and Denmark. After Lithuania, taking Novgorod would be a good move because of their power. Destroying the Mongols will also rid you of a serious threat. However, don't be greedy and overstretch, especially when your elite units can't come without converting the settlements.

Poland generally makes an attempt to form an alliance with you quite early on, however be warned that they will eventually betray you so make sure your cities on the Poland border are sufficiently garrisoned. The same applies if you allied yourself with Novgorod.

You should also be aware of Danish attacks on your northern territories. An invasion of Scandinavia early on could easily strengthen your forces and give you a more defendable area should you be overwhelmed on mainland Europe. Also, an early alliance with Denmark can at least delay their attacks.

You should also try to get the Hanseatic Guild Headquarters, which will increase your trade and increasing your Florins income! This will be vital for the war against Novgorod, Lithuania, Poland and the Mongols.

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