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The War To End All Wars

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The War To End All Wars
Platform Empire: Total War
Mod Type Total Conversion
EraFirst World War
Mod Leader PunitorMaximus
Release Status
Forum / Thread Here

The War To End All Wars (abbreviated to TWTEAW) is an Empire: Total War Total Conversion mod. It brings you into Europe right before the start of the First World War.


The War To End All Wars has its own hosted mod forum since April 2012, although a first version of the mod was already released in January that same year. The latest version, a pre-beta, was released on May 27, 2012.


As PunitorMaximus states, this mod is an effort to make an overhaul modification covering the First World War. With changes in naval and land combat as well as other areas like graphics and music, The War To End All Wars adds a darker feel to Empire: Total War suitable for the era it portrays. You can choose between factions that were part of the Entente, Central Powers or indeed factions that were neutral. Each of those factions have, or will have, new models and weapons. Additionally, a campaign has been planned, but it has not yet been put together.



The War To End All Wars lets you choose between many factions who were somehow involved with the First World War. It allows you to choose the side of:

  • The Entente-France, the British Commonwealth, Portugal, Italy, Serbia & Montenegro, Greece, the Kingdom of Belgium, the Kingdom of Romania, the USA and Imperial Russia.
  • The Central Powers-Germany, Austria-Hungary, Bulgaria and the Ottoman Empire.
  • The Neutral Factions-Spain, Denmark, the Netherlands, Norway, Colombia and Mexico.


  • Land battle combat has been slightly changed. Soldiers move and attack more freely than they used to in Empire: Total War.
  • Naval combat is also slightly different from the original game. In Empire, the player would need to worry about the wind and currents, until the steamship becomes available. This problem is solved in the mod, since the mod is set in the First World War era, steamships are available from the start and are the only ships available.
  • Like in Empire: Total War, the player can command his/her forces to use a bayonet. Although effective, these bayonets have one drawback: they are not really that agile. TWTEAW enables knife combat, which is almost identical to sword combat, but the soldiers can swap between guns and knives like if they were bayonets. This means that soldiers do not lose their agility when trying to stab their enemies to death and retain their option of using their primary weapon.


  • Craters are added as an aesthetic enhancement. Rather than that the soldiers are running through a beautiful green grassland, they run through a scarred piece of landscape. This can make this mod feel slightly more darker.
  • Instead of using swords, due to swords being outdated, commanders now wear a sidearm and engage in combat with them. It could be one of those often overlooked details, but it can add a lot to realism and a real First World War feel.
  • There are new explosions, also one of the smaller details, which were created by Greek Firethrower. Like the previous features, these new explosions can add that darker feel of the First World War to the mod and make the mod slightly more realistic.

The Team

The Team
Greek Firethrower
Special Thanks
Victoria Total War Team
Khartoum and Zulu Mod Artists

Visual Material

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