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Total War: Rome II Mods

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Mods for the Total War Series
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Modifications for Total War: Rome II.
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Table for Total War: Rome II Mods

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Sortable Table
Modification Name Info
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Type Scope Parent/DLC Required Mod Leader/s TWC Mod Registry Steam Download Manual Download Released/Updated Wiki Page
Imperial Legions of the Third Century A Third Century unit pack, replacing vanilla models for the Aurelian faction in the Empire Divided DLC. The new units are custom created, including the swords, shoes, armour, shields, belts, and more, and the mod provides all new campaign map generals! Enhancement Units DLC - ED LEONARDO THE GREAT See thread 2018-10-11
HD City Mod For Total War: Rome 2 Takes the very low resolution texture atlases of the campaign map cities and replaces them with high resolution texture atlases that are made to fit pixel perfectly (to avoid weird artifacts when the structures are rendered). Enhancement Graphics (Campaign Map Buildings) phazer See thread MODDB / MEGA.nz see thread 2018-09-25
Aguirre's Rise of the Republic Units Unit pack and reskin for Rise of the Republic. It adds custom units for Syracuse, Taras, Carthage and Tarchuna, and reskins of some other units. Add-on Units DLC - RotR Aguirre Steam Workshop 2018-10-06
Better Wrath of Sparta Campaign Adds various new mechanics, some inspired by Age of Charlemagne and Thrones of Britannia, to the Wrath of Sparta DLC, making for a more challenging and strategic campaign. Enhancement Game Play (Campaign) DLC - WoS mauiaw See thread Google Drive see thread 2018-04-29
Socii - Unit and Reskin Mod Re-skin of the Socii Extraordinarii and Samnites, with mesh variants of helmets and additional Socii units. Enhancement Units Marcus Iunius Brutus Caepio See thread 2018-9-19
Unit cards for Rome 2 and all DLC´s Unit cards for Rome 2 and all DLC´s (Empire Divide+ DK + RoR included) Enhancement Graphics (Unit Cards) Any neoiq5719 See thread 2018-10-07
Egyptian Scythed Chariots Adds a new Egyptian variant of the Scythed Chariots unit to the roster of the Ptolemaic Egyptian faction and the Egyptian faction in the Emperor campaign. Add-on Units Kahotep See thread 2018-09-27
Alii Colores Romae Aims to provide a more realistic impression of the armies and units in Rome II, as far as possible based on historical sources. Two versions are available for download: Totus and ACLA. Historical Mod Units (Colours - db) Demokritos MediaFire see thread 2018-09-07
The Last Stand of Greece (Wrath of Sparta overhaul) Campaign overhaul of the Wrath of Sparta DLC that focuses on the events of the 4th Macedonian War (150BC-148BC) and the Achaian War (146BC). Provides additional units and playable factions, an improved mercenary system and more varied campaign options. Historical Mod Overhaul DLC - WoS Gyrosmeister See thread 2018-09-13
Putting Etruscan chariots back in charge... Adds custom chariot unit for Etruscan generals. Add-on Units DLC - RotR Skotos of Sinope MediaFire see thread 2018-09-22
Rome II Total Realism Successor to Rome: Total Realism for RTW, aiming to make TW:R2 more realistic with unique features, stunning graphics, and in depth history to give the player an amazing experience. Historical Mod Overhaul See post for team See thread 2016-12-30 Rome II Total Realism
Radious Total War Mod (TWR2) Complete game overhaul mod, which offers to players big changes in campaign AI, diplomacy, land and naval battles, adding tons new units, new abilities, changing buildings, re balancing all unit stats and costs, and reworking experience systems. All this and much more in classic Radious modding style. Enhancement Overhaul Radious See thread Google Drive see thread 2018-09-21 Radious Total War Mod (TWR2)
Lines of Battle Overhaul modification with a focus on tactical game play and historical authenticity. Boasting reworked combat and campaign mechanics, as well as completely redone factions, Lines of Battle seeks to make Rome II into the experience it deserves! Historical Mod Overhaul 'Gunny See thread MediaFire see thread 2014-06-03 Lines of Battle
Graphic Enhancement Mod A new shader collection (GEM) and a new injector (GEMFX), which also utilizes the SweetFX shader stack and is inspired by SweetFX/Enbseries to improve the look of TW-Games Enhancement Textures Ganossa Entry See thread MediaFire see thread 2015-08-08 Graphic Enhancement Mod
Constantine: Rise of Christianity A completely new scenario set in the year 311 A.D. Split into four parts, the Roman Empire is in turmoil. Out of the chaos will emerge a new religion, Christianity, and a sole Augustus, Constantine the Great. Play as one of four Roman Emperors, the Sassanian Empire, various Germanic tribes and others. Includes new religions, historical units and many other changes. Historical Mod Overhaul See post for team See thread Google Drive see thread 2018-07-26 Constantine: Rise of Christianity
Authentic Ancient World Aims to preserve and carry forward the legacy of Roma Surrectum II. It is a total conversion modificaton focusing on the era of 217 BC. Historical Mod Overhaul Hetairos Entry See thread MODDB see thread 2014-09-06 Authentic Ancient World
Divide et Impera Total overhaulthat seeks to provide a challenging, historically accurate, realistic experience of the ancient world and warfare. Almost all aspects of the game have been overhauled, including hundreds of custom units and textures. DeI also includes custom scripting that provides a unique Reforms system and other unique game elements. Historical Mod Overhaul Dresden Entry See thread Google Drive see thread 2018-08-17 Divide et Impera
Silven Total Improvement Mod Battle AI and Campaign AI have been completely overhauled in a number of ways, that aim to provide a more immersive, enjoyable, and challenging TWR2 experience. Game play and Balance are the first and foremost priorities. Enhancement Overhaul Silven Entry Steam Workshop MediaFire see thread 2014-09-29 Silven Total Improvement Mod
Magnar Mod Aimed to rework all aspects of vanilla to give the most realistic, historically accurate and depth of gameplay possible. All factions to be overhauled from scratch with entirely new rosters. Both battle mechanics and Campaign mechanics have had drastic changes with many more to come. Historical Mod Overhaul Magnar Entry MODDB see thread 2014-07-31 Magnar Mod
Sebidee's Unit Roster Overhaul A complete overhaul of each faction's unit roster, this mod adds hundreds of new units, makes changes to existing ones and does so with the aim of improving variety, gameplay and historical accuracy. Historical Mod Units Sebidee Entry See thread MediaFire see thread 2015-08-25 Sebidee's Unit Roster Overhaul
KLAssurbanipal's Unit Packs (TWR2) Aims to completely change units to make them more historical, with a full pack of all cultures based on historical sources. Includes new helmets, shields, clothes and armour. Historical Mod Units KLAssurbanipal Entry See thread TWC Downloads see thread 2014-09-10 KLAssurbanipal's Unit Packs (TWR2)
Total War: Spartacus Rises Description here Historical Mod Overhaul Pacmanpugh3209, Dresden, GrudgeTheDutchman Entry Steam Workshop (not updated) Google Drive (patch 18 version) see thread 2018-01-08 Total War: Spartacus Rises
POPULOUS Aims to add brand new game mechanics to Rome II, including a population and manpower system. Enhancement Game Play .Mitch. Entry WIP POPULOUS
Vae Victis Aiming to give every faction great and small the most historical unit roster possible. This overhaul has rebuilt all unit and equipment stats, overhauled battle and campaign mechanics, and much more. (formerly released as Magnar Mod) Historical Mod Overhaul Magnar Entry See thread MediaFire / MODDB see thread 2015-08-23 Vae Victis
(formerly Magnar Mod)
Culture Identity Unitpacks Historical Mod Units Entry Various see forum Various see forum 2015-12-10 Culture Identity Unitpacks
Eras of Rome Historical Mod Overhaul Entry Steam Workshop 2017-10-13 Eras of Rome
Hellenika Historical Mod Overhaul DLC - WoS Entry Steam Workshop Various see thread 2018-02-10 Hellenika
Maximus Add-on Unit Entry MediaFire 2015-05-28
People of Rome 2 Enhancement Game Play Entry Steam Workshop 2018-02-19 People of Rome 2
Real Experience Mod Historical Mod Overhaul Entry Steam Workshop 2018-09-08 Real Experience Mod
Additional Units Mod - Rome Add-on Units Entry Steam Workshop MediaFire 2018-08-26 Additional Units Mod
Unit Pack Compatibility Languages Project - Rome Mod-support Languages Any Entry MediaFire 2018-09-01 Unit Pack Compatibility Languages Project
AAA: Aging, Advancing, Acclimatising Add-on Characters Entry Steam Workshop TWC Download 2018-09-05 AAA: Aging, Advancing, Acclimatising
Modification Name Hover over icon for info Type Scope Parent/DLC Required Mod Leader/s TWC Mod Registry Steam Download Manual Download Released/Updated Wiki Page
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