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Total War: Rome Remastered - Modding

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Good News! A), Total War: Rome Remastered is here! B), it's moddable!

There will probably be some quirks initially, and because it looks sooo much better, there will also be more work involved in getting mod assets to match up.


  • Crash regenerating map.rwm - RR can write new map.rwn files to : C:\Users\name\AppData\Local\Feral Interactive\Total War ROME REMASTERED\VFS\Local\Rome\WritableMaps as "base_map.rwm", if so, you need to rename it to map.rwm and move it to the appropriate folder. Attempting to generate a new map.rwm whilst there is a base_map.rwm present in the WritableMaps folder will cause an instant CTD on campaign start.
  • Invalid Manifest - 0kb empty .txt files within the mod will cause an error where the game makes the mod manifest but then thinks it is invalid! The vanilla games have some of these files, beware of copying them into mod-folder.


Mod Set-up

NB: Please see below for details of map.rwm generation.

Mods can be uploaded and used from the Steam Workshop, the placing of those mods on your computer will be determined by Steam and your library set-up, for example a mod's file could be in:


Mods in development can be placed in the 'Mods' folder either in Local Mods or My Mods, the full path to these folders is normally:

C:\Users\YOURNAME\AppData\Local\Feral Interactive\Total War ROME REMASTERED\Mods\Local Mods\Mods_Name etc.

If you have a small C drive and need to relocate this elsewhere you can use a hard-link on your computer, hopefully, the launcher options will later allow an easier way to change directory locations!

Within either Local Mods or My Mods you will then have a folder for Mod_Name. Within Mod_Name folder you need the mod's data folder a modinfo.json and a filelist.json


This file you write yourself and it gives the name and description of the mod, a sample format is:

	"Description": "Brief description of you mod goes here",
	"Mod Name": "Mod name goes here",
	"Supports Alex": false,
	"Supports BI": false,
	"Supports Rome": true,
	 "Tags": [ ],
	"Visibility": 1,
	"Workshop ID": 0


This is referred to as the 'manifest' for the mod. If you don't have one the game will generate it when you try and launch the mod. If you already have one and you've changed ANY of the mod's files, you should delete this file before launch so a new correct version can be generated.

0kb empty .txt files within the mod can cause an error where the game makes the mod manifest but then thinks it is invalid!


RR still uses .tga.dds files (e.g. dds files but with the .tga name appended so that text files actually just ask for .tga)

Some textures are compressed using the LZ4 system, these also have an additional header section which can be ignored. IWTE now has an option that will de-compress a directory of these textures back to their starting .dds state.

Some textures are DX10 type, these you can probably open but not see the correct information, if you have a recent version of Photoshop you can use this plugin to open them. Otherwise, you need to convert them to .tga using the Texconv tool or similar. The easiest way to use this tool is by writing a .bat file (so you don't have to remember the commands each time!), and example .bat would be:

@echo off
texconv.exe -r my_folder\*.dds -ft tga -o my_folder
cmd /k

Fortunately, the game will accept and run happily with non-compressed DXT5 and DXT1 dds textures in the same way as RTW, so you only need to mess about with the above if you need to view or amend some of the existing textures.

RR has introduced a system of Physically Based Rendering for textures, thus the 'normal' textures that have been introduced with RR work slightly differently from the ones in M2TW:

_pbr contain the _n, _s and _m maps  they are rgba textures
r+b = normal
g = roughness
a = metallic
In other places like building textures you will find that the _n, _s, _m are separate


A .pvr version of the radar map is used, to open this file download the PVRTexTool or similar.

Campaign Map

One of the areas modders' have been most worried about was whether the game would support completely redesigned maps now that a model mesh system has been introduced for the campaign map. Although this looks like the vanilla shaped map, it's actually partway through porting a version of the Mundus Magnus large map for RTW (originally by ngr).

Showing new map mesh in Rome Remastered

This still needs a lot of work and 'tweaking' but is working as a proof of concept of what should be possible. (done using a very, very, very WIP unreleased version of IWTE)

Relationship to battle maps:

The below picture demonstrates the difference between what you might see on the campaign map and in battle if you don't deliberately align the two:

Showing lack of connection between campaign and battle map views

The left part shows the campaign map on a modified section of mesh. The area shown in green, where the army can move, is controlled by the map_heights.tga, map_ground_types.tga and map.rwm information. Where he would actually appear to stand is controlled by the heightmap .bin file generated from the mesh, so he will walk up that big lump, but he won't go below 0m (sea level), even though the mesh is below the water surface there. The second part of the picture on the right shows what you actually get at that spot in battle, which is based on the map_heights.tga, map_ground_types.tga and map.rwm information, plus interpretation from the vegetation and geography.db files.

Similarities to the original system:

A quick look in the data/world/maps folders will reassure RTW and M2TW modders that the map image and text files they are familiar with are still there. If you have a 'pure map' mod you should be able to use your existing map_heights.tga, descr_strat.txt etc to launch a mod for Remastered without much problem. If the mod has modded units, buildings, ancillaries etc, it will take more unravelling, just as porting a map between different mods would. If you try to copy in all of your mod's files you will probably find either some conflicts, or that you have overwritten new features in Remastered such as the addition of traits and ancillaries to support the new Merchant agent type.

That's the good news... your basic map files are still valid! The basic files drive the campaign map pathfinding, placement of settlements and resources and provide the climate/heights/ground_types information that is translated using the vegetation and geography.db files to make the battle maps.

The not so good news, if you were after a quick result, is that they don't generate the mesh or textures you view on the campaign map! So if you load a map of a different size or shape the areas not covered by the existing mesh, or already on raised land areas, will just appear as sea! They will function, and the trees and settlements will turn up, and your troops will be able to move on the parts supposed to be land... so if you ever wanted to do a mod based in the Everglades, this could be for you.


Revised UI components:

When you scroll into the campaign map or use the tab button, the game display switches to a 2d view with various overlays, the overlays are generated by the game but you will need a large base map underlying them showing your new map outline, the components are as follows:

Large 2D Map:

  • data\world\maps\campaign\imperial_campaign\feral_map.tga.dds - 4080 x 2496 size - these seem to work best if they are completely 'alpha'd out' with a black alpha layer
  • data\world\maps\campaign\imperial_campaign\feral_map_winter.tga.dds - winter version as above

NB: These textures need to be placed in mod-folder\data\world\maps\campaign\imperial_campaign\ for BI mods, they are not read from the \barbarian_invasion\ campaign folder.

Mini Map in 3D view:

  • data\world\maps\campaign\imperial_campaign\feral_radar_map.tga - 1020 x 624 size - again mask out the sea area shape from map_regions.tga
  • data\world\maps\campaign\imperial_campaign\feral_radar_map_winter.tga - winter version as above

Components needed for new mesh map system:

To make things look good you obviously need to make a new or revised mesh!

Main Terrain and Heights: The mesh is actually formed from square chunks which in the vanilla map represent 20x20m squares in each case file, these can be found in:

  • data/terrain/campaign/pieces/ - cas format (will open with IWTW latest version .cas to .dae)
  • data/terrain/campaign/descr_map_tiles.txt - text file lists all the cas pieces and which summer/winter textures they use and which heightmap .bin file they use.
  • data/terrain/campaign/heightmap/ - bin files for functioning heights generated by the game from each of the pieces - NOTE: the game may initially regenerate these in the base folder instead of the mod folder, if so cut and paste them to the mod folder and run the base game without /heightmap/ files so they regenerate too.
  • data/terrain/campaign/textures/ - colour and normal textures for the terrain sections, the cas pieces use conventional uv mapping so although the existing textures are mapped as though projected horizontally, you can alter this. All the land textures with the exception of the farming overlay need to be 'painted' onto each pieces' texture.

Coastline: Gives the surface for the waves/surf effect near the shoreline, and can be found in:

  • data/terrain/campaign/coastline/coastline.cas - model of the surface
  • data/terrain/campaign/descr_map_coastlines.txt - text file which lists the above model

Rivers: These do not automatically appear where the map_features.tga shows them, instead they use a model surface similar to the coastline in:

  • data/terrain/aerial_map/river_mesh.cas - the river model - will only be visible if above the level of the terrain mesh - unfortunately as the game still generates region boundaries with wiggles/bend variety automatically, and doesn't generate the mesh for the rivers, it is currently difficult if not impossible to get rivers and boundaries to align exactly

3D Frame:

  • data/terrain/campaign/frame/ - contains a cas model and textures for the 3d frame that hides the edges of the map


RR does regenerate map.rwm files (assuming the same set-up would load under RTW), you may need to check where they have been regenerated.

If you launch vanilla, or a mod with maps in /base, and delete map.rwm, and the game runs, check if the .rwm has been written where you expect! It may tend to write it to: C:\Users\name\AppData\Local\Feral Interactive\Total War ROME REMASTERED\VFS\Local\Rome\WritableMaps as "base_map.rwm", if so, you need to rename it and move it to the appropriate folder.

Attempting to generate a new .rwm whilst there is a base_map.rwm from another folder in /Users/ will CTD.

You can also use map.rwm files from RTW.

If you copy your map_*.tga files from base into your campaign folder then the map.rwm will be created in that campaign folder within the mod-folder, it is recommended that you use this method and copy that map.rwm into your base folder for custom battle purposes. This will avoid the potential of causing clashes with other mods/vanilla.


Although still .cas files the RR units use the 'type 3' chunk system previously only used for some shoulder pads and minor elements of RTW units using the model_flexi_m system. The main body of the unit can have vertexes weighted variably between any two bones for the lod_0 model. Primary and secondary weapons must still exist within the .cas as a separate mesh and use only one bone.

Only the base .cas name is given for the model in the DMB file the game looks for and needs four model .cas files for each model named:


If you haven't got 4 different lod level models, copy the closest one you have and re-name it to suit.

Data folder

Most of content are similar to original with some additional files/folders and additional lines

New folders (possible for future update due to game still have possible future update)

 animals (all new remastered animal models, textures are contain here)
 characters (all new remaster unit models, textures and pack are contain here)
 original_overrides (contain file which would override other file in data folder and subfolder in case original setting option is selected, files and locations which it would replace are stated in data/original_overrides/override_files.txt are modable)
 sting_overrides (this folder intend for modable sting override but currently has nothing set in this yet)
 ui_overrides (override UI and menu setting of original here?)
 toggles (contain toggle switch setting and how they organized together, modable)

These are new files add to remastered in data folder (possible for future update due to game still have possible future update)

 chat_filter.san				(used to exist only in alexander version of RTW original)
 descr_effects_siege_tower_collapse.txt	(new subsidiary of descr_effects.txt)
 descr_effects_torch_fire.txt			(new subsidiary of descr_effects.txt)
 descr_faction_groups.txt			(set faction into group, using for trait and script)
 descr_fog_params.txt				(set fog parameter in battle)
 descr_font_db_zh_cn.txt			(chinese font database)
 descr_font_db_ru.txt				(russian font database)
 descr_names_feral.txt				(also add to BI/data & Alexander/data folder)
 descr_names_lookup_feral.txt			(also add to BI/data & Alexander/data folder)
 descr_mission_modifiers.txt			(modify agent mission's success rate)
 descr_model_battle_template.txt		(this file is not loaded by engine, possible to be development left over)	
 descr_model_strat_template.txt		(this file is not loaded by engine, possible to be development left over)	
 descr_prebattle_script.txt			(also add to BI/data folder)
 descr_quick_battle_locations.txt		(setting location for quick random battle)
 descr_skeleton_feral_overrides.txt		(file for setting override of animation in skeleton pack to add or replace entries)
 descr_sm_factions_difficulty.json		(also add to BI/data & Alexander/data folder)
 descr_sm_resource_groups.txt			(set trade resource into group, using by trait and script)
 descr_time_of_day.txt				(replace function of descr_skydome.txt?)
 descr_unit_variation.txt			(set ethnicity and home region ethnic composition for units)
 feral_descr_ai_personality.txt		(modify priority of each ai personality)
 feral_descr_grass_textures.txt		(new file replace old descr_grass.txt)
 feral_descr_grass_usage.txt			(new file replace old descr_grass.txt)
 feral_descr_portraits_variation.txt		(set portrait match up and their variation)
 feral_export_descr_unit.txt			(Feral's rebalance version of EDU, load under setting toggle)
 ui_sprites_warmer_version.txt			(sprite generation history?)

New folders add to BI\data


New files add to remastered in BI\data folder (possible for future update due to game still have possible future update)


New folders add to Alexander\data


Notable file missing in imperial campaign data folder

 descr_effects_engine_torch.txt (mentioned in descr_effects.txt but only available in BI/data folder, lead to assumption that file mentioned in such a file could be missing and still no error report?)
 descr_beliefs.txt (key content of barbarian_invasion campaign, never part of imperial_campaign to begin with but engine support if content it asking for are exist in correct location)
 shaders folder (exist only in bi/data and alexander/data folders assume that it only requires if shader need to be modified from standard setting of imperial campaign)

No longer functional?

Here is list of of confirmed obsolete file in data folder of Total War: Rome - Remastered

 descr_disasters.txt (only version in data folder that obsolete, the file in base folder and campaign folder still in use)

Here is list of files which their status are uncertain

 checksum_blacklist.txt (what is its use?)
 descr_font_db_ru.txt (certain that it not load among user of latin alphabet localization)
 descr_font_db_zh_cn.txt (certain that it not load among user of latin alphabet localization)
 descr_geography.txt (load .db version instead)
 descr_items.txt (load .db version instead)
 descr_sounds.txt (load index files version instead)
 descr_vegetation.txt (load .db version instead)
 descr_fmv.txt (file that allow custom intro video for Alexander: Total War. This file show up among list of file loaded by engine when startup the game as Alexander but effect not show up. Content of this file not get updated from original version, now video as asking from this file nolonger exist and also not common format which using by Total War: Rome Remastered. Video loading of Alexander remaster seem to load from main data folder but not all of them. Would this file obsolete or would it become viable again in future update? Or Feral would introduce completely new method of intro video loading completely?)
 campaign_subtitles_lookup.txt	(This file show up among list of file engine load when start up as Total War: Alexander but not by other Imperial Campaign start up, Possible that the file requires existence of text\campaign_subtitles.txt?)

Change features inside files in data folders


Mostly the same as original but have some change (some could be considered as "fix" rather than substantial change) -- more variation of roman and greek tenament replacing to original roman/greek_tenamentA/B/C/D/E


-- change tree location in urban_amphitheatre_group

-- egyptian/eastern/carthaginian bazaar (market forum level) nolonger using underlay (but still using overlay)

-- BI's barbarian castrum (BI_government_lvl_5) nolonger using overlay

-- BI's barbarian great hall (BI_government_lvl_4) nolonger using overlay

-- BI's barbarian hundredmen hall (BI_barb_barracks_lvl_5) nolonger using overlay

-- BI's barbarian hall of heroes (BI_barb_barracks_lvl_4) nolonger using overlay

-- BI's barbarian swordsmiths (barbarian_armourer) nolonger using overlay

-- BI's barbarian guild hall (BI_barbarian_great_forum) nolonger using overlay

-- BI's barbarian stable level 4 (BI_barb_stables_lvl_4) nolonger using overlay

-- BI's barbarian stable level 5 (BI_barb_stables_lvl_5) nolonger using overlay


New shortcut which not exist in original added into remastered



new entries added.



"daughter_retired" event removed.


-- voice type "General_1" is nolonger used

-- animal type changes

--- 'wardogs' changes to 'wardog'

--- 'pigs' changes to 'pig'

--- add new animal type 'hound' (uses by celtish wolfhounds)

-- new attribute "voice_indexes"

-- new opitonal attribute that create diversification of units appearance (consider optional as not all units need define this attribute)

--- "ethnicity <faction>, <home_region>, (opt)<don't_allow_mixed>, (opt)<don't_allow_regional>, (opt)<don't_allow_custom>" (could have more than 1 type of each units based on faction ownership or where you recruit, home region is based on "descr_unit_variation.txt")

--- "is_female"

--- "tattoo_color"

--- "hair_color"

--- "hair_style"


-- merchant agent add to market buildings

-- new building attribute "agent_limit_settlement"

-- new condition "tavern_bonus" (allow additonal bonus to be add as option setting for remaster rule)

-- new condition "currency_fixed" (in BI version)

-- new condition "remastered_only"


-- some traits and retinues changed or removed due to value could not stand with resistance of modern time.

-- NightBattleCapable is included in imperial campaign

-- traits and retinues for character type merchant added

-- personality_security attribute valid for merchant

-- new attributes effect "Finance", "Conditional", "ElephantCommand"

-- new condition "Toggled" (switch setting as optional setting for remaster rule)

-- new condition "RemasteredEducation" (switch setting as optional setting for remaster rule)

-- new condition "NightBattlesEnabled" (switch setting as optional setting for remaster rule)

-- new condition "RegionTradingResource"

-- new condition "PreciousMineCount"

-- new condition "TradingGroup" (use with faction group defined by descr_sm_resource_groups.txt)

-- new condition "IsFromFaction" (use with faction group defined by descr_faction_groups.txt)

-- new condition "HomeSettlementBuildingExists"

-- new condition "SettlementMerchantTradingWith"

-- new event "AcquisitionMission", "SufferAcquisitionAttempt"

-- new Affects condition "Lose"

-- new effect "RemoveAncillary"

-- 'sultry_strumpet_ancillary.tga' is replacing by 'young_woman_ancillary.tga'


-- "Presentation Forced" is now using for tutorial early advice

-- additional item attribute "Manual"

-- new condition "SettlementHasDamagedBuilding"

-- new condition "I_IsTutorialEnabled"

-- new condition "LocalPlayerHasReinforcements"

-- new condition "LocalPlayerHasAIReinforcements"

-- new condition "LocalPlayerHasManualReinforcements"

-- new condition "LocalPlayerBattlesFought"

-- "ScrollAdviceRequested" change

--- 'own_garrison_info_scroll' change to 'recruitment_sub_frame'

--- 'field_construction_scroll' change to 'field_construction_sub_frame'

--- 'building_browser_scroll' change to 'building_browser_subframe'

--- new scroll 'own_army_in_field'

--- new scroll 'own_fleet'

--- new scroll 'own_diplomat'

--- new scroll 'own_spy'

--- new scroll 'own_assassin'

--- new scroll 'own_merchant'

--- new scroll 'foreign_character'

--- new scroll 'foreign_settlement'

--- new scroll 'rebel_character'

--- new scroll 'own_settlement'

--- new scroll 'campaign_hud'

--- new scroll 'settlement_details'

--- new scroll 'settlement_trade_details'

--- new scroll 'character_details'

--- new scroll 'construction_subframe'

--- new scroll 'mercenary_sub_frame'

--- new scroll 'smo_settlement_list_subframe'

--- new scroll 'smo_generals_list_subframe'

--- new scroll 'smo_agents_list_subframe'

--- new scroll 'smo_admirals_list_subframe'

--- new scroll 'news_panel'

--- new scroll 'prebattle_scroll'

--- new scroll 'faction_overview_scroll'

--- new scroll 'senate_scroll_policy_tab'

--- new scroll 'senate_scroll_senate_floor_tab'

--- new scroll 'ranking_tab'

--- new scroll 'diplomatic_standing_tab'

--- new scroll 'financial_overview_tab'

--- new scroll 'family_tree_tab'

--- new scroll 'lists_scroll'

--- new scroll 'move_retinue_scroll'

--- new scroll 'agent_hub_scroll'

--- new scroll 'battle_news_panel'

--- new scroll 'tactical_map'

--- new scroll 'toggle_menu'

descr_sounds.txt and its related files

-- have similar attribute setting to original version

-- all subsidery files reorganized into 3 files in folder data/sounds/descrs (with a lot of subsidery files related to them)

-- human voice narration is now using .opus instead of .mp3

--- descr_enum_sounds.txt (related to setting of generic sound effect of UI)

--- descr_misc_sounds.txt (for sound of custom event that not related to soundbank such as archer/slinger/javelin's aim/fire/load, engine/chariot operate/destroy, animal's attack/death, screeching, chanting, weapon scraping, historica; battle narrations)

--- descr_bank_sounds.txt (with a lot of subsidary which now organized based on sound bank and nolonger lump some sound banks into the same file)


Format of this file stay the same but there entry of video intro for Spain, Thrace, Numidia, Scythia, and Armenia has been added in remaster


Structure of this file is the same as original but with more LOD have been added and add RomeHD section for textures varient and distribution of vegetations.


Structure is the same as original but with additional attribute setting for "water_trail_effect_running"


Structure of this file is the same but model replacing by high definition version.


-- Structure of this file is the same except for additional action "friction", "friction_horizontal" along with additional attribute "normal_map", and "shading".

-- Additional texture frames have been added.

-- grunge, sand, grass, and fire particle type have been added.


-- Structure is the same as original but new type of projectile "javelin_with_pilum_skin" has been added

-- "min_velocity" attribute has been added (optional setting)


Structure similar to original but have addtiional attributes have been added.

 ethnicity (optional?)

Known bug in version 2.0:

-- custom_battle_availability attribute still does not working, issue has been known by Feral and they looking into it.


Structure of file is the same as original but entries "grid 5" and "grid 6" have been added.


Structure of this file have been changed considerably.

-- type stay the same structure

-- skeleton stay the same structure

-- scale stay the same structure

-- new optional attribute "male/female", "body", "angry_face", "medieval features", "tired", "aged" have been added below "scale" attribute but before "pbr_textures"

-- "indiv_range" has been replacing by "pbr_texture" in remastered

-- texture attribute is the same structure

-- model/model_flexi implemented with 2 method of implement LOD, either doing the same as original (in case there is no varient model) or implement its name with omission of "_lod0.cas"/"_lod1.cas"/"_lod2.cas"/"_lod3.cas" at the end of file from the line.

-- "no_variation" varient of for model/model_flexi has been added. (still need to study further what it is using for)

-- "model_sprite" and "model_tri" are not using in remastered


Structure of file is the same as original but have additional section for merchant agent.


Structure of file is the same as original but have additional line for setting cost/turn need for recruit and UI of merchant agent.


Structure of file is the same as original but have additional attribute "grunge" for each weather event and weather event "sand_storm" has been added.


Structure of this file is the same as original but have additional attributes "is_soft", "soft_contrast", "soft_scale" and new additional effect type "dust_explosion" and effect set "dust_explosion_set".


Structure of this file is the same as original but effect and its set have been remade into different effect and effect type


Structure of this file is the same as original but have additional attributes "is_soft", "soft_contrast", "soft_scale" but effect and effect set has been reorganized.


Structure of this file is the same as original with 5 changes

-- "engine_outline" model attribute has been added to all sections before engine_model attribute.

-- sound effect type "arrow_tower" and "ballista_tower" have been add to siege tower engines at the end of their weapon attack_stat

-- sound effect type "none" have been add to ram

-- engine's "collapse_effect" have been add to siege towers

-- ladder radius of change from 15.5 in original to 8 in remastered

descr_items.txt and its subsidary files

Structure of this file is the same as original with additional items add organized into file 'di_lorenzo_romehd.txt' in descr_items.txt


-- Structure of this file is the same as original with additional attribute "size" include to each type entries of this file.

-- different from original, engine priority .tga.dds before .tga when loading strat map texture files.


-- Structure of this file is the same as original with some textures names change from original

-- Could not confirm what type of file it loading between .tga or .tga.dds due to content lock inside pack file (for now)


Structure is the same as the original but each item now could have several models which indicate quantity of resource set in descr_strat.txt (new feature in remastered)


Structure of this file is the same as the original but value which set in remastered is different from original with at least 5 times more random stars.


Structure of this file is the same as the original with 2 additional types added at the end of file (resource_hover & watch_tower_hover)


Structure of this file is the same as the original with a few value setting different between 2 versions due to change in detail of models


Structure of this file is the similar to the original with additional "sandstorm" attribute add to each custom location entries.


Structure of this file is similar to the original with a few changes.

-- Now we could have more than 2 types of animals (at least vanilla remastered now have 3)

-- Name of type using in EDU now require to match with name of type in descr_animals.txt due to it nolonger hardcoded

-- There are now 3 classes of animals instead of 2 from original (wardog, hound, pig)

-- additional attribute "width" and "offset" for each type of animals.


Content in this file still follow pattern of the original with additional update for using of higher video ram up to 1024


Structure of this file is the same as the original with addition of more texture varients being assigned and building details have been updated. There are additional models content add in Rome HD in file dbb_lorenzo_romehd.txt.


Structure of this file is similar to the original with additional content add to each entries

-- attribute for "dust_color" and "mud_color" for summer and winter

-- addtiional setting for (battefield texture? or tile model's texture?) set for mountain in summer and winter

-- additional setting for (battefield texture? or tile model's texture?) set for coarse_detail

-- addtiional setting for (battefield texture? or tile model's texture?) set for far_coarse_detail in summer and winter


Structure of this file similar to original with additional content for merchant agents and some abbriviation change ("Talk" now reduce to "T", "Talk/Bribe" now reduced to "TB"). Merch command for merchant is added and valid alignment "neutral" in original now change to "allied".

descr_effects.txt and its subsidary

-- Structure of this file similar to original with their effect and Effect_set have been reorganized in remastered along with some additional attributes for effects.

-- New subsidary files have been added in remastered version (descr_effects_engine_torch.txt, descr_effects_torch_fire.txt, descr_effects_siege_tower_collapse.txt)

descr_event_enums.txt and descr_event_images.txt

Structure of this file similar to original but with a lot of change in content.

-- event "daughter_retired" is removed.

-- new events have been added.


-- Text color "dark_brown" and font "cinzel_med", "verdana_med_bold" has been added while "verdana_med" have been removed but there is possibility that all fonts defined in descr_font_db.txt could be using here.

-- content inside each event entries (format of event display) have been throughly change in with no trace of original except for entry's names


New fonts have been added with different font size and template from original but method of setting each fonts still the same as the original.

-- font template is now in ttf format instead of cuf format of original

-- although new fonts are internally names as 'tnr', 'verdana', and 'feral', they are coming from template 'notoserif-regular.ttf. While cinzel coming from cinzel-regular.ttf.


Structure of this file is the same as original with the same entries as original but with change in ground_type textures and model of landscape may also changed in detail.


Structure of this file is the same as original with new 3 multi_texture entries (10, 11, 12) have been added in remastered.


Structure of this file is the same as the original with some value setting change and new additional entries for road ends at the bottom.

text folder

General change in text folder is that now all language variation is contain inside text folder and nolonger separate by local distribution anymore.


Remove space in the front of title of "The Siege of Gergovia", "The Battle of Lake Trasimene", 'The Battle of Raphia", "The Battle of Telamon", "The Battle of Tigranocerta"


Date format change, now year is changing from '20%02y' to just '%02y'


-- Key set now change to 'moderntw' and 'default' instead of 'default' and 'fps'

-- "DELETE" change to "DEL"

-- "FULLSTOP change to "FULL_STOP"

-- keyset organization have been completely rearrange and very different from original version. To port key set in your mod to remastered requires to do with careful and caution.


-- event body "daughter_retired_body_*" have been removed

-- internal name/localization fix for "faction_defeated_by_player_body_*" for egyptian and eastern culture and front spacebar removal for the rest.


New {EMT_*FACTION*_MERCHANT} entries added.


Everything is the same except for change spelling of "Milqart" to "Melqart"


Everything the same as original version except

-- Internal name change of which done in export_descr_ancillaries.txt in remastered also here.

-- spelling change of "Milqart" to "Melqart"


-- RTW's version, Everything is the same except for change spelling of "Milqart" to "Melqart"

-- BI's version, add description for carthaginian's city_barracks


-- fix internal name for Persian Cavalry

-- change entry of {east_pontic_generals} from 'Eastern General' to 'Armored Eastern General'


Everything the same as original version except

-- Internal name change of which done in export_descr_character_traits.txt in remastered also here.

-- remove ForeignTastesRomanVice's traits' entries

-- add strings for "Night_Fighter" trait

-- BI version's Fearsome Presence trait's string change.


-- Minor change in Brutii's intro

-- Completely reworks of Scipii's intro subtitle (better than original)

-- Completely reworks of Carthage intro subtitle (sequel and more clarification of original version)

-- New intro subtitle for Spain, Thrace, Numidia, Armenia


-- Minor change in Siege of Sparta subtitle


-- minor change of entries which mentioned GameSpy/Steam and replacing it with Calico


-- new 4 additional entries specfiic to remastered version



-- new 2 additional entries at the bottom



Minor change (space organization)


two addtional entries at the bottom


Internal names corrections of several entries.

Known bug in version 2.0:

-- Not possible to change faction in menu tooltip of faction selection screen for the time being.

map folder

custom battle

-- historic battle could be set sorting sequence in RTW remaster in the same manner as original Total War: Alexander (by "order.txt" inside custom battle file)

-- Minor change in weather features in historic battles as well as some camera script and some narration

-- battle script command "steal_esc_key" now could use on/off follow it

-- now script command "set_music_state" require to follow by "battle" ('strat'/'battle' mode or 'custom') before state "tension"/"mobilise"/"battle"

-- new battle script command "tactical_view_locked" true/false

-- possible new component in descr_battle.txt "min_clip_surface"

-- new descr_battle.txt's victory condtiion "capture_camp_location" (using as replacement of capture_location in original teutonburgerwald)

-- Frontend movie format change from .mpg to .webm

Known bug in version 2.0:

-- additional historical battle in mod folder now working fine but it could not replacing vanilla version in case it has to the same name.


-- trade resource spawning also have to state quantity of resource too (defined before coordinate x,y )

-- AI personality format change and their priority could be modded and modify in "feral_descr_ai_personality.txt"

-- victory condition "alexander" change to "alexander_lives"

-- new script condition "LangIs"

-- new script command "disable_specific_shortcut"

-- new script command "include_script"

-- new script command "disable_all_ui_cards"

-- new script command "advance_completed_tasks"

-- new script command "strat_selection_unblocker"

-- new script command "deselect_current_selection"

-- new script command "force_deselect_trigger"

-- new script command "set_marriage_allowed"

-- new script command "force_autoresolve_outcome"

-- new script command "disable_agent_hub_all", "enable_agent_hub", "point_at_agent_hub"

-- disaster in descr_disasters.txt have frequency swing between 75-125% of year number set in that type of disaster

-- warning feature of descr_disaster.txt now 1 turn before happened instead of 1 year and only support volcano (which would have smoke puff from it)

-- descr_events.txt could additionally trigger earthquake, storm, flood, riot (set specific position and could set scale of severity) and emergent_faction (set specific region)

-- descr_events.txt could set event visibility from everyone|visible|harmed|hidden

-- settlement name is now also valid condition to use in "hold_regions" victory condition.

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