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Trading Port (FOTS)

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Trading Port (FOTS)
File:Trading Port FOTS.png
Chain Port Type
Requires Buildings:
  • Port
  • Arts:
  • Cordial Relations
  • Enables Buildings:
  • British Trading District
  • American Trading District
  • French Trading District
  • Units:
  • Gun Boat - Chiyodagata-Class
  • Torpedo Boat - Chiyodagata-Class
  • Wooden Corvette - Kanko Maru-Class
  • Wooden Corvette - Kanrin Maru-Class
  • Wooden Corvette - Kaiten-Class
  • Wooden Corvette - Kasuga-Class
  • Wooden Frigate - Kaiyo Maru-Class
  • Spawned Defence Forces -
    Basic Building Statistics
  • Cost: 3900
  • Improves export capacity (increases trade values) by +200
  • +700 to wealth from ports in this province
  • +5 per turn to town growth from trade within this province
  • +2 to possible trade routes (sea)
  • Recruitment capacity (ship under construction): +1
  • Coastal defences will be disabled once the port's health falls to 70%
  • Coastal defence range: 8
  • Coastal defence level: 1
  • -1 to happiness from modernisation
  • Enables recruitment of Rank 1 Foreign Veteran
  • Clan Effects
  • +2 to modernisation
  • Establishes trade routes with the western powers
  • +1 to the number of Foreign Veterans that may be fielded (Maximum: 5)
  • See main article; FotS Buildings


    Fortunes flow with the tides.

    A trading port is a specialised harbour and support buildings that allow merchants free access to the seaways. While shipbuilding can happen here, the concentration of effort is on commerce, both in terms of overseas trade and in helping the province develop.

    Japan had been a closed society to outsiders for many decades, but that is not to say that the Japanese were ignorant about the outside world. The truth was very different. After 1633 Japanese traders had been forbidden to go abroad, and foreigners had been confined to Nagasaki, but foreign books and the ideas they contained were still circulated. The Japanese kept up with European scientific, political and military developments through Dutch booksellers, and this contributed to their realistic appraisal of what opening up trade with the West might mean. A clear understanding of what had been happening overseas helped the Japanese to leap from the late medieval world to a modern one in less than 50 years.

    Other Information

    Getting a Trading Port is a helpful investment at the start of a campaign as the extra money that you get from trading with the Western Powers is very considerable. And that money can only get higher when you have more provinces that specialize in valuable commodities such as copper, iron, silk, tea, and coal.

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