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Tsardoms: Total War

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Tsardoms: Total War
Platform M2TW
Mod Type Total Conversion
Mod Leader phoenix[illusion]
Release Status In development
Mod FolderedYes
Forum / Thread Here

Map of Tsardoms. Ottoman Empire is in red.
Map of Tsardoms. Ottoman Empire is in red.


Tsardoms: Total War is a M2TW and Kingdoms modification that focuses on the Balkan, Near East and Italy starting from rise of Tsar Stefan Uroš IV Dušan in 1345 and concluding in 1530. It allows you to control more than 20 factions, with unique units for every faction. It is fully historical with historical events like Rise of Serbian Empire, Fall of Constantinople, Ottoman Conquest, Aragon rule over Naples, Hungarian struggle against Turks and many more. As in history of Balkan States, religion took great influence, so does in mod, where religion can turn diplomacy in the whole new way. As it takes place on Balkan, Italy and Near East, you'll be able to see units which was never done in any mod, unique units by their historical facts, cause of the influence of many cultures, and also included mercenaries in whole new way, as it was historical, mercenaries will be able to be bought by alliance or trade rights with neighbor states. Be ready to control unique armies, heavy armored mercenaries, to influence by your religion, be ready for TSARDOMS: TOTAL WAR!

The idea was first proposed on TWC on the 8th of September 2007, when phoenix opened a thread in which he explained how CA had mostly forgotten about the Balkan area in both M2:TW and the Kingdoms expansion. And proposed to make a mod that focussed entirely on that region. Not long after that he made a thread about his mod in the org on the 27th of October 2007. A staff had already been collected and work had begun.



  1. Archduchy of Austria (the House of Hapsburg)
  2. Kingdom of Hungary
  3. Principality of Moldova
  4. Principality of Wallachia
  5. Tsardom of Bulgaria
  6. Tsardom of Serbia
  7. Banate of Bosnia
  8. Byzantine Empire Kantakouzenos
  9. Byzantine Empire Palaiologos
  10. Republic of Ragusa
  11. Knights of Rhodes (Knights of St.John)
  12. Ottoman Empire
  13. Karamanid Emirate
  14. Republic of Venice
  15. Florence
  16. Genoa
  17. Kingdom of Naples
  18. Kingdom of Trinacria
  19. Papacy [Emergent]
  20. Kingdom of France [Emergent]
  21. Timurids [Emergent]

Other features

  • Whole new system of diplomacy, by religion, in which by taking other religion makes alliance with that state, or just declaring it to avoid fight.
  • Mercenary camps, where you can pay for heavy mercenary units, if your not satisfied with your own
  • New way of diplomacy and recruiting, by alliance with neighbor state, you'll be able to by their units as mercenaries
  • New way of economy, in which new buildings are included like Saxon Quarters, Apple Farm, Jewish Quarters, Caravanerai (for trade caravans) and many more.
  • Way of recruiting units, in which making some special units request ordinary building to be built or ordinary state to be allied with you and many more

The Team

  • Moddeling/Texturing: il_duce_!, matko, Ave_Serbia (Symbols),
  • Mappers: il_duce_!
  • 2D Developers: phoenix[illusion], matko, il_duce_!
  • 3D Developers: phoenix[illusion], matko, il_duce_!
  • Coders: phoenix[illusion], il_duce_!
  • Historians: Sarmatian, phoenix[illusion], Kavhan Isbul, The_Bulgar_Slayer, Romano_Dacis, Bosnae, Ampra, SpyrosM91

Included Mods

Used units from:

Visual Material

Wallachia faction preview
Bulgaria faction preview
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