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Turks Details (M2TW Faction)

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1024px-Unbalanced scales.svg.png This is a Faction Details article or section.
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The Turks are a Muslim faction that control most of modern day turkey (which is where it got its name, previously this area was known as Asia Minor) and Armenia. This faction can be considered one of the winners of the period as they both pushed westwards, taking Constantinople in 1453 and forming one of the worlds major powers, the Ottoman empire, which lasted for around 500 years. (Constantinople remained under Turkish control, becoming known as Istanbul and developing into modern day Turkey's most populous city)

The Turkish faction in game is possibly in the worst starting position available, at risk of losing cities to crusaders who often march through their land, the Mongol and Timurid hordes can appear in the eastern Turkish provinces, and, as if that wasn't enough, Turkish settlements are especially weak at the start of the campaign.

The Turks have a changing army to reflect the change in rulers from the Seljuk's to the Ottoman's, in the beginning of the campaign the Turks will rely on their horse archers to win most battles, as their infantry leaves a lot to be desired, only Saracen militia, dismounted cavalrymen and jihading troops can hold their own in melee, early Turkish archers are fairly effective so long as they stay out of melee's.

Later on in the campaign, the Turkish infantry becomes much more effective, with the inclusion of effective hybrid archer/swordsmen Ottoman and Janissary infantry and the elite Janissary heavy infantry the Turkish infantry becomes much more formidable, especially as Janissary archers can deploy stakes.

After the invention of gunpowder, the Turks can recruit janissary musketeers, the most effective firearm unit in the game, and build monster bombard, which can destroy most walls in a single shot. On the other hand, their field artillery is slightly lacking.

So long as the empire's eastern border is secured from Mongol invasion with a few castles, the in game Turks are likely to accomplish at least as much as the Turks did historically, and under the rule of a wise Sultan, much much more

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