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United States (ETW Faction)

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United States (ETW Faction)
UnitedStates FlagETW.png
Name: United States
From Game: Empire: Total War
Culture: American

The United States is one of the playable factions in Empire: Total War and is available through completing the Road to Independence. The United States can also appear if a rebellion occurs, and succeeds, within (former) thirteen colony territory. The United States is the only emergent faction that is considered a major faction and also the only playable emergent faction without modding. Unlike all other faction campaigns, the American campaign begins in 1783-meaning that objectives must be completed much sooner.


Republic Monarchy

The United States of America is a nation forged in the fires of revolution and rebellion against a British monarch seen as distant, foreign and tyrannical.

After the French and Indian Wars, the British government took an entirely unreasonable line: the American colonists should pay taxes to contribute to the navy and army that helped defend them. After all, those colonial fellows enjoyed the benefits of peace, protected by Britain’s expensive soldiers and sailors. The colonists had other views. The British responded with political stupidity and military ineptitude.

Aided, once they had rebelled, by the French Bourbons (who, for reasons of their own, had every wish to see Britain pre-occupied with war and then humiliated by seditious rebels), the Americans faced down Britain. The struggle split counties, cities, towns, even families, but it united the nation.

In its wake, the revolution left a new kind of nation, a republic where men choose their own destinies, and are not subject to the whims of kings. This spirit of independence is a source of strength: it is an idea worth defending! It is also a source of weakness, for Americans cherish the right to do as they think best. This is not necessarily a good thing in an army.

America now has a future of boundless possibilities. A continent stretches away to the West, and no one is entirely sure what is to be found there. The Atlantic swell washes against the eastern seaboard, and beckons American seamen onwards: trade and adventure lie that way too. There may still be scores to settle with the British in Canada, or ambitious nations from Europe to discourage. There is much to do, if this newest and boldest of nations is to survive and prosper!

Starting Positions

The United States start with Georgia, the Carolinas, Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New York, the Confederation of New England, and Maine. The United States starts in a strong position, surrounded by weak nations with potentially strong enemies far away. These factors mean that it is relatively easy for the United States to dominate the Americas in a short period of time.

This can be different in some situations, should spain hold much of the southern provinces of America and then destroyed (its europeans holdings all lost) then it has been known to emerge from Carolinas, however this is quite rare.


The United States has a well-rounded army, with a couple of unique units such as the long riflemen (the American variant of riflemen) and minutemen (slightly superior militia). If the Elite Units of America pack has been purchased, they have access to quite a few unique units, most of them superior variants of line infantry or grenadiers. Most notably, the United States can train the Legion of the United States and the US Marines: unique troops that have some of the strengths of line infantry mixed in with some of the strengths of light infantry. The United States has a rather unique navy, with heavy frigates as its mainstay rather than traditional ships of the line (although these are available too with the right research). It has access to the U.S.S Constitution, a good frigate to add to any navy.





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