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Units: Battle Map - Overview - RTW

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Rome - Total War and Barbarian Invasion allow modification of the units that are used in battle maps. Both the visual appearance and the effectiveness of units in battle can be modified.

This article is 'work in progress' anyone else please feel free to add info. links etc to sub-sections.

3D Graphics - representation in battle


Skeletons and Animations



Sprites are the reduced quality 3D images that you see when you view a unit from further away in battle . New sprites can be made using a program built into the RTW and BI .exe files by CA. It is possible to include new units without adding sprites - simply do not add a sprite line to descr_model_battle.txt or comment out the existing one. However, too many units without sprites in a battle will significantly reduce performance and may make game unplayable for users with older computers!

2D Graphics - Unit Cards

Text Files

Adding New Units

Unit Statistics Modification


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