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Units: Battle Map - RTW Text Files

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RTW Modding Index

Please note this is WIP - other files need adding and am not sure if current format is making this look more complicated than it actually is - help appreciated.


The primary file involved in the definition of units is data\export_descr_unit.txt (known as EDU) - this contains unit statistics and references to other files, the other files are referenced as follows:


   Start of typical EDU entry:
   type             warband archer scythian
   dictionary       warband_archer_scythian      ; Chosen Archer Warband
   category         infantry
   class            missile
   voice_type       Medium_1
   soldier          warband_archer, 40, 0, 1.2
   officer          barb_standard
   attributes       sea_faring, hide_improved_forest, hardy      etc.......
  • type is used to define where unit is recruited, so 'warband archer scythian' would be used in export_descr_buildings.txt, descr_strat.txt, descr_mercenaries.txt and descr_rebel_factions.txt as appropriate.
  • dictionary looks up visible 'in game' text descriptions in data\text\export_units.txt and also the unit cards in data\UI\units\faction and data\UI\unit_info\faction
  • soldier line references the type line in descr_model_battle.txt, this in turn defines the model (.cas), texture and sprite used for the unit.
  • officer again references a type in descr_model_battle.txt, in this case a single man normally used as a standard bearer for the unit, one unit can have up to 0 - 3 officers.

FOR CAVALRY, as above except:

   Start of typical EDU entry:
   type             barb cavalry dacian
   dictionary       barb_cavalry_dacian      ; Barbarian Cavalry
   category         cavalry
   class            light
   voice_type       Medium_1
   soldier          barb_cavalry, 27, 0, 1
   mount            medium horse
   mount_effect     elephant -8, camel -4
   attributes       sea_faring, hide_forest
  • soldier again references descr_model_battle.txt but is only the man sitting on top of the mount (horse etc) this man needs an appropriate skeleton type to sit on, not through horse.
  • mount this references the type line in data\descr_mount.txt eg:
   Start of typical descr_mount.txt entry:
   type				medium horse
   class				horse
   model				horse_medium
   radius				1.5
   x_radius			0.57	;changed from 0.5 29/4/05

the model line in descr_mount.txt then references a type line in descr_model_battle.txt


   Start of typical EDU entry:
   type             barb ballista dacian
   dictionary       barb_ballistas_dacian      ; Ballistas
   category         siege
   class            missile
   voice_type       Light_1
   soldier          barb_crew, 12, 2, 0.9
   engine           ballista
   attributes       sea_faring
  • soldier again references descr_model_battle.txt in this case for the men manning the siege weapon.
  • engine this references the type line in data\descr_engines.txt
   Start of typical descr_engines.txt entry:
   type				ballista
   culture				all
   class				ballista
   projectile			ballista
   engine_model_group	normal
   engine_skeleton		ballista
   engine_collision	data/models_engine/Ballista_very_low_LOD.CAS
   engine_model		data/models_engine/Ballista.cas,				20.0
   engine_model		data/models_engine/Ballista_med_lod.CAS,		40.0
   engine_model		data/models_engine/Ballista_low_LOD.CAS,		120.0
   engine_model		data/models_engine/Ballista_very_low_LOD.CAS,	max

in this case there is no reference back to DMB for the engine, the model is defined in descr_engines.txt and the texture is called by the default for the model, there is not a sprite for the siege engine itself.

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