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Unlocking tech trees in Thrones of Britannia

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The Technology Trees in Total War Saga: Thrones of Britannia are divided into Military and Civic Techs. The unlocking requirements to start learning each tree are shown below.

Military Techs

Military techs relating to units (such as Melee Units) allow you to recruit better units and re-train existing units so that they become higher-tier ones. These techs also provide bonuses to units statistics and reduce upkeep. The Military Prestige tech tree provides other bonuses such as faster campaign movement and cheaper recruitment and upkeep. Bodyguards & Companions improves the quality of your generals' bodyguard units. Some techs increase the food upkeep cost of units, so the player needs to balance the advantages against the costs.

  • Melee Units Recruit 5 sword or axe infantry
  • Spearmen Units Recruit 5 spearmen
  • Missile Units Recruit 5 bow, crossbow or other skirmisher units
  • Siege Technology Win 5 siege battles
  • Cavalry Units Recruit 5 cavalry units
  • Military Prestige Raise a general to rank 10
  • Bodyguards & Companions Attack another army 10 times
  • Recruitment Research Warrior Society

Civic Techs

Civic techs allow you to construct of extra buildings and provide other bonuses, for example you can get extra supplies and better public order from Agriculture techs. Some Civic techs benefit your armies, for example the Industry tech tree include faster campaign movement in your regions from better roads and a Military Support tech improves the reinforcement range for your forces. Civic tech trees boost your income, they tend to improve specific types of income. Public order problems can become more manageable using a Trade tech (to remove public order penalties from other Allegiance) and Community.

  • Agriculture Build/upgrade in the Granary, Souterrain or Fougou chains *
  • Industry Build/upgrade in the Forge or Stadfordscir Forge chains *
  • Military Support Build/upgrade in the Garrison chain *
  • Leadership Build/upgrade in the Moot Hill, Law or Thing chains *
  • Trade Build Build/upgrade in the Market Hall or Longphort chains *
  • Community Build/upgrade in the Monastery chain or one of its unique variants *

* alternatively take a region with the top level building in one of these chains

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