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Hello friends. As you know, i am russian sci-fi\fantasy writer (not only modder for TW). Here i`m working with my new incarnation of my sci-fi universe. Its about the saga of 2596 year AD, when galaxy turns to the period of Acheron war between Intergalactic Coalition and Achaeron League. This universe sometimes can remind you HALO, Mass Effect or Stargate, but its my unique work, so all ideas, which you`ll find there, are my own, and didn`t taken from other worlds.

Now about the states. Let me tell you about the most big states of my universe.

CGS (Coalition of the Galaxy States)

Coalition was announced in the middle of XXIII century by the Pact of Galaxy States. First president of Coalition was the elfurr pharaoh Amenemhet IV from the Menkaurr Dynastie. He added to his union many galaxy nations and human galaxy states. Main idea was to create a union of galaxy realms against the common threats. Under the leadership of the Elfurr race, many members of the galaxy had to work together and help each other. In the same period there was declared the Coalition United Government with the council of many races representatives. Council have 2 special organisations - Highest Council of United Galaxy Nations and Congress of the Galactic Safety. Coalition exists even now, in the 2596 AD. Nobody wanted to leave this organisation till the Draconids war in 2592 AD.

Achaeron League

League was declared by the alliance of some galaxy races, who are against of Elfurr domination. Its official creator is Olmec Rlandris, the leader of the Unn-chor race. Later, many other states and races of the galaxy joined him in the Achaeron-Prime planet. The League Representatives believes that the Elfurr are destroying the galaxy and are planning to exterminate all civilizations. The main goal of the League is the destruction of the "pro-elfurr" Coalition and the establishment of a new order in the universe. But many critics believe that the ancient Cult of Darkness, which has existed for millions of years, can operate under the banner of the Achaeron League. Its can be just a puppet organisation of the Cult.

https://www.twcenter.net/forums/showthread.php?808138-Sci-fi-world-quot-New-Universe-quot-Development Main studio link in TWcenter

also i have a fantasy version (not sci-fi) of my universe. Its about the Arthurs world in the V century AD. This also have realization of the RomeTW engine (Barbarian Invasion). https://www.twcenter.net/forums/showthread.php?807670-Throne-of-Pendragon-Chronology-of-the-Great-War https://www.moddb.com/mods/throne-of-pendragon link of the mod project "Throne of Pendragon"

Thanks all!