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Pancake bunny.jpg

Also known as Bunny; Herald of Spam; Destroyer of Threads; King of Spammers

Patron of:N/A


Ferdiad was a regular member at Thema Devia and the Coliseum, notorious for his pancake-bunny avatar and considerable posting capacity.

On the 14th of June, 2012, Ferdiad announced that he would be quitting TWC, thereby abandoning his spamming empire.

He returned on the 9th of July, however his activity was intermittent until late December when he gradually became more active resulting in joining the Content Staff on the 13th of December 2013.

"Feud" with Twilight Sparkle

For many weeks during Spring 2012 Ferdiad and Twilight Sparkle duked it out between them in Games, Activities and Chat, to see who could outspam the other, and thus be the "most influential" poster there. The undeclared contest took place in two "battlefields", Coliseum and Thema Devia (known collectively and colloquially as The Underhive) and the two each had their own set of supporters. The duel soon took the form as a battle for the illicit, purely ceremonial title of "King of the Coliseum".

Twilight based his claim on greater overall posting quantity in the Coliseum, and the fact that the last true King, Glorfindel the Tukker, had privately proclaimed him as successor. Ferdiad based his claim on sheer "muscle", for he had come to largely surpass Twilight in posting rate, all over the Coliseum and in Thema Devia also, most importantly in its Chat Thread. He named himself "King of Spammers", and sought to add the title of "King of the Coliseum" to his name, although it is possible that he was simply attempting to provoke a hostile reaction from Twilight in the first place.

Although most of the "territory" in question was Coliseumite, the fighting itself took place almost exclusively in the Chat, which was Ferdiad's power-base. Most Devian Underhivers quickly declared for the bunny, leaving Twilight isolated from the hard-core of his followers.

The feud ended due to multiple reasons:

- Things got unpleasant for some and Underhivers noticed that not all of them shared in the fun.

- Royalist activity was essentially clandestine from the start, which meant that even ceremonial titles were on the edge. A word from the moderators liquidated the already waning Underhiver enthusiasm.

- Both contenders lost interest in the Underhive shortly after, which prevented the conflict from resuming. Ferdiad left TWC for a month and, despite returning, posts now at a vastly reduced rate. Twilight joined the Content Staff and shut down his spamming and rep-whoring activities entirely, cutting down on his Coliseum posts and handing the "crown" to his friend, The Kybrothilian.

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