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Gig's Avatar.gif


Badges/Roles:Administrator, Artifex, Citizen
Patron:Nicholas Rush
Patron of:none


The Birth

Mighty Gigantus Joined TWC on August 29, 2006. No one knows what dragged Gigantus here but when he joined Mother TWC knew that she has found her lost child that will now guide his TWC brothers out of the modding darkness & make her proud.

The Struggle

Gig's involvement with computers is at least as old as that great movie and hasn't diminished since. From his first Amiga 64 over that chunky 8086 he has been fascinated by the capabilities of those calculators. And then he met RTW!. The child in him was enthralled with this strategy game. The more you get, the more you want - After enthusiastically beating back the unwashed heathen on his favorite bridge near Masilia he decided that he wanted more. And RTR gave it to him, the game experience and that nagging desire to see what makes this thing tick.

Not that he actually managed to get something working on his own, but he found about 172 ways how not to mod. While he was still lost in that first modding jungle along came M2TW. And there was light in his modding darkness! his first steps dabbling with the map were met with varying success, but the fora helped. Soon he joined up with the mod leader of PRO DEO ET REGE and helped him make his map. Then he continued and worked on various mods like Last Kingdom (Ornamentum), Rise of Empires, Ferrum Aeternum etc.

In between these mods he started the releasing of "Creating a World", a series of tutorials for modding noobs this was the turning point of his modding career.

Rise to Fame

There is no actual event that can be called upon as a reason for his fame as there are many. One could conclude that due to his caring, dedication, and effort to make the TW community a better place, at his own expense, one small step at a time is the primary reason. He can be called the king of the Mod Workshop, helping new modders and old modders alike to solve their problems, always concluding with his trademark gesture "One is glad to be of service buba8qe.gif". If you're wondering... "So what? The workshop doesn't create mods for me to play, those posts aren't showing shiny models and textures for my drooling pleasure. What gives?"

What gives is that all modders get their start and get their help from the culture that is encouraged by the workshop. Without the tutorials to reference and the community to appeal to when you run up against a nasty CTD, many modders would be stuck, frustrated with their problem and without a body to turn to. And the central pillar of this culture in the M2 Workshop is Gigantus. Those posts aren't work being put into a mod that is going to get him recognition or acclaim. They're entirely selfless acts to help facilitate the work of other modders, so that they may succeed in their projects and produce the works which we can then enjoy.

He reached cloud no. 9 when he received an Opifex medal (On Dec 24, 2009) as a token of appreciation for all the work he has done for the community in a plethora of ways, some tangible, and many intangible.

Present Endeavors

Gigantus was an Administrator and now still serves as Admin Emeritus. Following his "Creating a World" series he continues to aid new modders through the forums. He is also known to help new modders via private messages although this is not recommended unless for very specific inquires.

Modding Contributions

So you really wanna know? Of course you do. He has served the modding community by many means whether by the means of modding tutorials or working for various development teams.

Modding Tutorials

Modding Resources

Modding Tools


Gigantus has worked for various mods, the list is given below:

Total War games owned

Box Art Type
Romebox.jpg Rome: Total War
RTWBIBA.JPG Rome: Total War Barbarian Invasion
M2TWBA.jpg Medieval 2: Total War
M2TWKBA.jpg Medieval 2: Total War Kingdoms
Empire Total War cover art.jpg Empire: Total War

Ranks And Awards

Current Ranks held

Rank Description
3K Artifex.png An Artifex is someone who earned their rank through modding a TW game. Rank Achieved on 16 Aug, 2008.
3K Citizen.png Citizen is special rank is given as a reward by the CdeC to those members who make a significant contribution to the Forum.
3K Patrician.png Patrician is an honorary title and user group reserved for those who hold one of the large medals, and also for former Administrators who served for at least six months.
Admin Emeritus Retired Hexagon member retained for advice
Moderation Emeritus Retired Senior Moderation staffer retained for advice
Modding Emeritus Retired Senior Modding staffer retained for advice

Former Ranks held

Rank Description
Administrator radadir.png Administers TWC and TWC forums, a job not meant for a faint-hearted person. Promoted officially on October 18, 2011. Resigned November 22, 2018
Moderator.png Moderators form the body which performs the vast majority of day-to-day front-line site moderation.
Moderation Mentor Mentors usually aid young moderators who are not familiar with their tasks and powers, they provide guidance and help to moderators whenever they require.

Awards Achieved

Award Type Reason
Divus medium.png Divus Awarded for distinguished contributions to the community and exceptional service to TWC as an administrator. Received on May 24, 2019.
Opifex large.png Opifex Awarded for exceptional modding or other TW-related contributions to the board. Received on Dec 24, 2009.
M2TW Maward 09.png Modding Award Awarded for winning the 'Mentor (M2TW)' category in the 2009 Modder Awards. Received on Feb 20, 2010.
M2TW Maward 10.png Modding Award Awarded for winning the 'Favorite Mapper (M2TW)' category in the 2010 Modder Awards. Received on February 13, 2011.
Mod Award 2011 M2TW.png Modding Award Awarded for winning the 'Tutor (M2TW)' category in the 2011 Modder Awards. Received on May 03, 2012.
Mod Award 2012 M2TW.png Modding Award Awarded for winning the 'Tutor (M2TW)' category in the 2012 Modder Awards. Received on Jan 17, 2014.
Mod Award 2013 M2TW.png Modding Award Awarded for winning the 'Most popular Modder (M2TW)' category in the 2013 Modder Awards. Received on May 06, 2015
ME 75X75 14.png Modding Award Awarded for winning the 'second runner up in Most Popular Modder' category in the 2014 Modder Awards. Received on October 26, 2016
2015 m2 large.png Modding Award Awarded for winning the 'second runner up in Most Popular Modder' category in the 2015 Modder Awards. Received on January 03, 2017
2016 med2 large.png Modding Award Awarded for winning the 'second runner up in Most Popular Modder' category in the 2016 Modder Awards. Received on June 08, 2017
2017 med2 large.png Modding Award Awarded for winning the 'second runner up in Most Popular Modder' category in the 2017 Modder Awards. Received on July 13, 2018
2011large.site.award.png Site award Awarded for winning the 'Best Mentor' category in the 2011 Site Awards. Received on February 07, 2012.
Twc trophy 2012.png Site award Awarded for winning the 'Best Mentor' category in the 2012 Site Awards. Received on January 01, 2013.
SiteAward LG 15.png Site award Awarded for winning the "Most Helpful Member" category in the 2015 Site Awards. Received on May 30, 2016.
Site 2016 small2.png Site award Awarded for winning the Best Technical Poster, the Most Helpful Member and the TWC Staff Awards in the 2016 Site Awards. Received on February 27, 2017.
Site 2017 large.png Site award Awarded for winning Most Helpful Member & TWC Staff Award in the 2017 Site Awards. Received on February 09, 2018.
2018 Site Award small.png Site Award Awarded for winning the Funniest Member, Staff Award and Most Helpful Member in the 2018 Site Awards. Received on February 15th, 2019.
Mod Mace Amethyst large.png Moderator's Mace Awarded for time served as a Moderator for more than three years. Received on May 15, 2013.
Novus.png Novus Awarded on June 24, 2014 for exceptional contributions to the site in the capacity of a staff member.
Loincloth large rahl.png Asterix's Loincloth Awarded on January 21, 2015 for demonstrating purity of mind and spirit on TWC, in the pursuit of humor and good times for all members.
10 year.png TWC Milestone Award Awarded for having been on TWC for 10 years and accumulating more then 10,000 posts. Received on September 07, 2016.
ScriptAwardGd bg.png Scriptorium Contributor's Medal Awarded to the utmost contributors to the Scriptorium archives, having authored five or more articles now in the Scriptorium. Received on August 28, 2017.
CMS Blog Bronze.png The CMS Blogger award Awarded for having posted at the least 5 blogs of minimum 500 words. Received on November 20, 2019.
Wiki-contributor-medium-bronze.png TWC Wiki Editor Award Awarded for merit and time served as a non-staffer Wiki Editor. Received on May 11, 2019.
ModStaff Medium Bronze.png Modding Staff's Anvil Awarded for merit and time served in Modding Staff. Received on June 19, 2019.
ModService.png Modding Service Award Participated within a workshop section with distinction over the span of 6 months and released a hosted modification. Received on October 04, 2019.
LEGIO501.png Legio 501st Modder Awarded for a remarkable act that benefits TWC modding community. Received on October 04, 2019.

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