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Badges/Roles:Administrator, Artifex, Gaming Overseer, Content Director, Moderator Emeritus
House:The Imperial House of Hader
Patron of:Shazbot, dvk901, King Louise Assurbanipal, Re Berengario I, HemilcoBarca, Angel, King Kong, Prince_of_Macedon, Pontifex Maximus, Primergy, Nyxos, SonofPeverel, StealthFox, General Brewster
Forum Profile:Here

Hader registered on the 12th of March 2006. He is a former Senior Moderator and holds the rank of Artifex. He is currently an Administrator of Content and Gaming Staff, Moderator Emeritus and TWC University Overseer.

About Hader


Hader first joined TWC in March 2006. He began to become involved in the world of modding at TWC about a month later, inspired mostly by Lusted's Terrae Expugnandae mod for RTW. In mid-April, he was patronized by Archer. He was appointed Tribounos (junior moderator) in early September 2006, and later, Global Tribounos (senior moderator) in mid-March 2007. Hader served as a Senior Moderator for over one and a half years until his resignation in November 2008. He signed on as a moderator again in December 2009 as a junior global moderator. He resigned again in July 2010 for personal leave, but remained as a Moderator Emeritus. He served as a magistrate on the tribunal from January to July. He was chief librarian for nearly two years and served as director of the front page news team until September 2013.

After becoming a moderator by invitation from staff, Hader was at first restricted to moderating only the Total War: Eras forums. This was the case up to and including the time period surrounding the OgresNet crisis, specifically the Staff Rebellion,The Besim Episode,and The Purchase. During this crisis he remained as a moderator for the Eras forums. Eventually, when the need for an insider was unnecessary, he resigned, and being one of the last few moderators to do so, left TWC with virtually no moderation staff.

It wasn't long after Hader joined the ranks of defunct and protesting moderators that imb39 finally managed to purchase the site from OgresNet, ending the crisis. Once imb39 had everything under control, Hader and all the other former moderators were reappointed to their previous roles. Once everything settled down even more, Hader was promoted to Senior Moderator. He served as one of four of the first batch of new senior moderators since the site got its new ownership, and remained in office as a Senior Moderator for 1.5 years. He resigned at the end of this time for personal reasons, and was fairly inactive on the site for nearly a year. He returned in late 2009 as a junior moderator. He held his spot as junior moderator for another 6 months before resigning again for personal reasons, but this time held the rank of Moderator Emeritus. After a 6 month term in the tribunal as a magistrate, Hader returned to moderation staff as a global moderator.

Some of the other duties he has held not related to moderation staff have been a Scriptorium Librarian, a position he held from the moment of the Scriptorium's creation in 2006, making him one of the longest serving librarians, ending his term there with 2.5 straight years of service. He again joined the Scriptorium in summer of 2010, and was promoted to Chief Librarian in February 2011, serving as Chief until resigning in November 2012 to run the newly created News Team. Hader also was the first, and to this day, only officially appointed Modding Registrar, in charge of keeping an official catalogue listing all of TWC's registered game modifications, though the registry has since been replaced by the modding database tables to an extent, and Gigantus is currently the custodian of all things modding related. Hader also served two terms on the Consilium de Civitate during his first months as a moderator. He really dislikes the Curia nowadays however.

His work on Total War game modifications includes mostly smaller roles in team projects, with his solo contributions being mainly in guides, tutorials, and technical support for both mods and the vanilla game itself (Rome Total War only). Hader is the head of his own house, The Imperial House of Hader, a partially unintentional split from his patron Archer and subsequently the house of Marenostrum & Siblesz due to events in the OgresNet crisis. Hader is the patron of fourteen citizens, and his house currently has ~90 members, making it one of the largest houses of TWC, in terms of overall size and number of still active or semi active members.

Hader's duties currently consist of being the Gaming Staff Hex and TWC University Overseer, having previously been a Content Staff Hex as well. His awards include Novus [1], Opifex [2], Asterix's Loincloth [3], Moderators Mace (Amethyst), Scribe's Quill (Amethyst), Gaming Staff Chess Piece (Gold), University Professor, University Doctorate Degree, Wiki Contributor and CdeC Bronze Medal.

Current Ranks held

Rank Description
Administrator radadir.png Content Admin and Gaming Admin.
Artifex radadir.png Citizenship for TW related contributions.
Moderator Emeritus


Award Type Reason
10 year.png TWC Milestone Award For being silly and dedicated enough to have remained on Total War Center for 10 years and taking the time to post at least 10,000 posts.
Mod Mace Amethyst large.png Moderator's Mace Awarded for time served as a moderator over 3 years. Junior moderator from Sept. 2006 to early 2007; Senior Moderator until late 2008; Junior moderator from Dec. 2009 to July 2010.
Quillbigamethyst.png Scribe's Quill Awarded for time served as a librarian over 3 years. Hader has been a librarian since the Scriptorium was created in 2006. He retired in Early/Mid 2009. He re-enlisted in the summer of 2010 in the Scriptorium; Chief Librarian from Feb. 2011 - Nov. 2012; News Team Director from Nov. 2012 to Sept. 2013. Content Admin from early 2014 to present.
Opifex large.png Opifex The Opifex medal is granted to those who contribute to the Total War Center forums in an exceptional way - usually for work on modifications for the total war series of games.
Novus large.png Novus Novus is a large medal awarded by the Curia; it is one of the most prestigious awards. Nominees must have contributed to TWC exceptionally in the capacity of a staff member. Hader was awarded Novus on the 11th of Februrary, 2011.
Loincloth large rahl.png Asterix's Loincloth The Asterix loincloth medal is awarded by the curia to members that demonstrated purity of mind and spirit on the Total War Center forums in pursuit of sense of humour and good times for all members.
ScriptAwardGd bg.png Scriptorium Contributor's Medal Awarded to the utmost contributors to the Scriptorium archives and for exceptional contributions to the Scriptorium as determined by the Chief Librarian.
Wiki contributor large.png TWC Wiki Medal For contributions in editing the TWC Wiki to make it part of what it is today.
Cdec bronze.png Consilium de Civitate Service Medal For having served two terms with the CdeC.
GamingCP gold.png Gaming Staff Gold Chess Piece For barely adequate work in gaming staff and probably destroying hotseats.
University doctor large.png TWC University Doctorate Degree Awarded for completing three university courses (GIMP Basics II, Texture Creation, English ESL, WMM Video courses), in addition to assisting with various other University courses.
University professor large.png TWC University Professor Awarded for 5 years service as University Overseer and for being a professor of the English as a Second Language/Writing Course and Videos with WLMM course.

Former Ranks held

Rank Description
Senior moderator radadir.png Senior Moderator
Moderator.png Junior Moderator
Content director.png Content Director
Librarian radadir2.png Librarian
Magistrate radadir.png Magistrate
Senatorii.png Senator
Modding Registrar


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