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For the member of TWC, see Imperator Majora

Following a new turn of direction, my projects have streamlined. The following governs my wiki activity.

  • Unfortunately, my work on TWC Information will need to be suspended indefinitely.
    • All thoughts and work will be updated for those who seek to progress them.
  • My priority is the betterment of the wiki as a modding resource.
    • Updating pages, making more useful and streamlined information.
  • May still address incidental projects aside from the above.
  • Fully intend to clear the Legacy Backlog in the meantime.

The Plate

Discord Staff

Though not currently a draft, this page has raised in priority. It will include the function of Discord Staff and the designs for the server, which will ultimately be humble at this time. Either way it's about time to settle this score.

TWC Modding Council

An intended initiative for the wiki, consisting of page reviews and updates for mods/resources across TWC. As much of it is being handled naturally by the wiki, its scope is to be redefined.


A small rewrite of the Hotseats page to be a little more comprehensive. Progress mainly depends on the creation of a more detailed guide on TWC, from which a summary will be made and baked in here. Lowest on the list; it's become a point of tedium to think about.

Legacy Backlog

This content was dispersed through my old initiatives on the wiki as CommodusIV. It will be cleared either through baking them into the Wiki To-Do page, resolving them or otherwise 'making peace' with them for their description.

TWC Information Project

It is not feasible for me to complete this. I will instead work to make the job more painless by updating the relevant project page with clearer notes on the following.


Odd Pages

Game Sections

The following are samples of content to review as part of other potential projects.