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Docudemon files released originals seem to be missing again ******
Cinematic Editor: Tutorial dead link to tutorial
Patch 1.2 Docudemons dead download


How to change shared.txt and strat.txt seems to be for early patch, and pre strings.bin converter
Basic faction conversion instructions were on pictures - now missing - probably covered in others check at end ****************
J@mes' Kingdoms Scripts somehow seemed to have put the text in pics - which are missing!
How-to: make battle_models.MODELDB more readable - early thing formatted .modeldb now available
How to Edit Settlements info is wrong - refer to wiki .worldpkgdesc page instead
Adding existing units into other factions in battle_models.modeldb made easy this actually looks hugely complicated - check at end for other methods ****************
Changing The English General Battle Model not a useful way of trying to do this - doesn't explain anything just swaps England v Norman
How to play as the Aztecs in Campaign mode not useful
M2TW AI Modification: An Interactive Essay linked direct to the heaven games thread instead
Traits, Triggers&Monitors just a link to the org tut's used them instead
How to make a berserker unit (tut) lovely, except it crashes when they enter battle (not useable in M2TW)
Tutorial: Kingdoms Strat Models needed text was in images - images missing!
Total Conversion Mods Some things to try very little info - covered better elsewhere
(Almost) Complete Guide to Adding a Unit doesn't include anything about what to do about model, check if covered elsewhere ********************

Archaon’s Scripting Commands Research and Guides Individual links added instead - the db.xml one not included file missing
EDUHelper tool with no download
Roman names gens/surnames actual tool missing
Settlement Coordinates list missing - tool included separately on list
BareBones EDU attached files needed & missing
MUG: Modding Unit Guideline contains list of permitted users! *******************

Excel Traitgenerator missing download
Easy script for medieval II missing download
BMTWTS - Unit Editor Plugin missing download
boboav's Build Maker1.0 missing download
Random Trait Generator missing download
Quick & Dirty Mass Unit Size changer missing download
Brandon EDU tool for Kingdoms not a tool just a request for one
battle_models.modeldb Validation/Beautifying/Compacting Tool link to thing that isn't there
Building and Unit Validator that's not there either
Trait Editor actual editor gone missing (from org post link)
EDSUV Lister and EDU Lister included each separately
Historic Event Creator missing download
Easy EDU Editor missing download
Excel Editing missing attachment
Workbook that creates any mod's unit list missing attachment
export_descr_buildings_enums name generator missing download

Basic through Intermediate Practical Application Modeling Course X all info in dead links
Creating a Helmet X dead links to videos
A Guide to Cursors X dead link to doc
How to make Faction Symbols ala StephanX not enough info without the pics
Unit Info Card in photoshop X not enough info without pics / dl
Event Picture Tutorial X not enough info without the pics
UV mappingX????? not really comprehensible but put in if nothing else on KE's tool *********************
Assigning Textures to Models X not without the pics & only a general milkshape instruction
How to make Better normal maps X not enough info without pics
Strat Models by [J@mes X no use without the code/pics
J@mes's guide to Milkshape X not without the pics & only a general milkshape instructions
How to change faction symbol with paint.netX not without pics
How to: Add Alpha Channel and Make .tga for units with GIMP X not without pics
Unit Cards X???? has steps but missing pics - see what else there is at end **********************
How to assign model as officer banner-bearer with MS3D X think too confusing without pics - check at end ***********************
Create Realistic Texture Illumunation and Shading in PhotoshopX generic photoshop instructions - no pics
Easy Way of Creating Blank Texture X generic photoshop instruction - doesn't seem useful
How to paint units X doesn't make sense without pics

IWTE Tutorials:

Editing worldterrain files (IWTE)
Grass editing in vegetation.db
IWTE for the complete utter noob
Vegetation editing
IWTE Tutorial - by Red_Devil
How to have custom settlements on battlemap using settlement plans
IWTE - Changing Settlement effect lighting
King Kong's Tutorial
IWTE Video Tutorial - Editing The Terrain / Creating Your First Settlement
Creating a working layout for your custom settlement.
Creating a generic custom settlement (easy step by step procedure)
Custom settlements - IWTE
Hints and tips for milkshape for buildings with IWTE
How to use custom settlements from another mod in yours, both in campaign and custom battles. (Editing .worldpackage files)


Unit Makers Tome of Knowledge
Update! - Animated Bowstring, War Wagon and Decapitations Animations Pack
Head references
Lü Bu's resources
Modeling Course 101
[*][B]B. Ward's Modder's Resources:*Expansion Pack - A Taste of Vanilla
*The Armory
*The Shield Project
*Battle Banners
*Generals & Captains
*Barded & Mailed Horses
Hunter Makoy's 2d Stencils
AttachmentSet texture inventory
Brushes and Tutorials (Skinning)
Animation Utilities
mesh converter documentation
Converting .TEXTURE to .DDS when the unpacker arrives
the Armory
Elvasat's Shield Textures Pack
Basic Cloth Patterns
Middle Eastern Shields
Community donation from the WotN team
Warman's Animation Insights
Akthross anims released
Custom Settlements Repository
Face collection:European,African,Far Eastern
The Theodosian Walls [Model]
Base 3d model
Coat of Arms Library
Free texture source
Marka horse death animation fix
Ambient building reduction mod
Human Body
Heads Pack
Chinese armour drafts from several eras (Link, in Chinese)
Sumskilz's Models & Textures
Creating a World: Fixing square projectile trails
Medieval Knights
Resource Works by Paleologos
Byzantine Cities Strat Models
Tons of 3D stuff generously offered to likewise generous peoples
Animated Wagon Wall
Coat of arms - Website
Ned's coat of arms templates
Muslim_Assassin.CAS FIXED


IWTE - World editing
MaxScript version for World and WorldCollision files
GOAT and GOAL: A collection of modelling and animation utilities
Utility for writing UV map templates in dds format
Milkshape .ms3d importer/exporter for 3ds Max and Gmax, version 1.1
Alpaca's .sd Converter
DDS plugin for GIMP
3DS Max animation export/import
RTW animations converter
Python strat model converter for Milkshape Users
texture/dds converter
Animation Utilities: Version 1.1
GOAT version 1_1, bug fix release
NEW- MW Graphics texture tools!
Milkshape ms3d Importer/Exporter for 3ds Max and Gmax
Open dds file
Mesh/Cas/Engine - MaxScript version of GOAT tool
Release of the SD mod tool
DDS & Normal Map Plugin for Photoshop x86\x64 Both
DXTBmp 4.00.96-texture converter
Animations and Skeleton Unpacking Tool
ddsview - alternative to DDS Converter
TEXTURE file converter/editor
M2TW Modeler's Toolbox
Projectile release point changer
3ds Max




Landbridges-Unblockable but sailable not understandable without the missing pics
Navigateable Rivers not understandable without the missing pics
Creating Land Mass not understandable without the missing pics
Campaign Mapping With Gimp not understandable without the missing pics
Adding Characters and armies with Geo-mod missing pics - left out on assumption this is covered properly in gig's manual
How-To: Satellite/Map to Great map_ground_types/Map not understandable without the missing pics
Expanding The Campaign Map missing pics - check later if covered***************
Mapping for dummies (complete tutorial) - Thanks to GrnEyedDvl just link to the class which is already in
Creating a base campaign map link and attachment dead
Very Easy Way of Smooth Coastlines not understandable without the missing pics
How To Add a New Climate Zone same as included better Tutorial - still crashes on battle map


Basic Map by Ataegina link gone - pics gone
You Need Good Map??Here!! dead links
Base map missing attachment
Blank Campaign Map missing attachment
Map of Ireland & Isle of Man dead download
Decent Biome Map gone missing
Working Basic Europe Map gone missing
Map Region Colors a list without a point, any colour can be used


BrandonM's descr_strat editor - Beta Release .001 missing a link
BMTWTS - Region Editor Plugin no download
Odd Pixel Mapping Assistant Tool no download
Mapping Tool (online mapper) no dl or link



Creating a World - Mod Install for Steam obsolete used Starting Steam Mods the easy Way instead
How to merge 2 mods - exceptionally unlikely to work without causing severe problems...
How to restore the status of a save this isn't what it says it is - it's an adjustment to the campaign starting positions which is better covered elsewhere
New face of Faction Icon not useful without the missing pics
Chapter-1. Unpacking Medieval 2 Total War covered elsewhere
Chapter-2. using mod switcher just link to .com thread that doesn't have that info now


Missing Portraits of Pagan Priests for Teutonic Campaign. missing download
Ultimate Docudemons 1.0 newer version with working link available
Mod Hosting dead site
City List its an unfinished list of vanilla locations only
Online Edition the whatever it is, is missing
MODIEVAL: Mugshots Midgetmod II. The 144 customised Generals .tga Resource Compendium + Ancillary Bonus V no download
Rad's Textures/Art no download
Syntax highlighting for Total War files in Sublime Text 3 relevant downloads missing


Release of the CUF (font & text rendering) mod tool
IDX extractor
Kingdoms Launcher Editing Application
Total War Projectiles
Mod folder installer
PackFile Tools: Packfile-Slicer
PackFile Tools: Packfile-Builder (re-packer)
MTW2 unpack tool 1.01 Update
M2TW syntax highlighting for UltraEdit32
Useful tool for making a file list
Link Shell Extension: A must
Mod Development Tools
BrandonM's Total War Toolset
BMTWTS - Download and Details
.xml editor
tools from RTW/BI
Unit Damage, Defense and Armour Calculator
[/B] Bulk Rename Utility
[/B] Release of the PACK tool (for packing/unpacking/repacking M2TW PACK files)
Infracta Launcher + Tools
Mod Launcher (steam compatible)
Return of XIDX: with bug fixes and updates for M2TW.
Steam compatible modStarter
Faction Launcher
The ToolBox - The Universal Mod Launcher v1.204 (Latest Steam Update Compatible)
Creating a World - Fixing the 'Block Graphic' Bug
Recruitment Viewer + Units Stats Viewer v1.05
Medieval2ModLauncher (formerly "Launcher.exe replacement")
Set counter value
SubMod Installer/Manager for Medieval 2/Rome TW
Auto-Completion and colour highlighting for Notepad++
Med2ModLauncher - A new launcher for Medieval II Total War
DXT Tool


[LIST] A Guide To Missions
A Guide To Guilds
Guide: Espionage (causing cities to revolt)
Guide: Bribing and how to do it
FAUST (Unit Stat guide) for M2:TW/Kingdoms
Collection of M2TW Guides

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