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Modding Art


Here are the different sub-topics of the Art discipline of modding. For each sub-category, a number of tutorials are listed; generally the easiest to follow will be listed on top for each sub-topic. Beginner Level tutorials are very basic and fundamental; others should not be tried until these are complete. They may also include common simple tasks from this discipline. Intermediate tutorials are more advanced and often more specific; they will teach you all of the necessities of modding, enough to create a mod. Advanced Level tutorials are for more experienced modders, looking to push what is the expected norm.

If you are not familiar with modelling you may want to read Art for Total War - Terminology.

Beginner Art/Texturing

Beginner Art/Modeling

Intermediate Tutorials

Intermediate Art/Foliage and Terrain
  • Tutorial links here
Intermediate Art/Banners
Intermediate Art/Sprites
Intermediate Art/Unit Cards

Advanced Tutorials

Advanced Art/Animation
Advanced Art/Custom Texture Painting

None currently

Advanced Art/specular, gloss, normal maps


Here are program-specific tutorials for learning programs. These are not necessarily TW-specific, but are high quality tutorials relevant to the programs and tools.

TW-Specific Utilities
Animation Utilities
Knight Errant's M2TW Mesh Converter
Knight Errant's Mesh Converter Docs
Banner Template
.texture <-> .dds Converter

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