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Hello you!

I am MisticVisions

I am a fan of Mtw2 until i was fan of RTW.

I enjoyed twcenter and most of the mods in there. This mod is one of the greatest features !

I am here to present you World Total War or MTW. A "minor to major" mod fot MTW2. Its a mod based on world war 2 and it will broke the conception of playing total war.

Sets could be too high that i thinked to lets do it as "born minor and grow to major", so thats a "minor to major" mod (i hope some day "major to huge"!) This mod will be developped as a "agile practice" at the beginning. Afterthat, khaos will say.

I found that wiki is the comunity developing tool by excellence. (More than endless forum threads...) So, if i am allowed, i will let to develope this mod via this wiki.

Are you interested on this mod?

Tell me feed back !!



Take a look to Worl Total War Mod project for MTW2

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