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Welcome to Empire: Total War on the TWC

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Empire: Total War is a game in the Total War series developed by the Creative Assembly.
Released in March 2009 and is published by Sega. It is set in the 18th century and includes features such as the Industrial Revolution, America's struggle for independence and the colonization of India. For the first time in a Total War game, players have the ability to play real-time 3D naval battles. Also a feature that had been developed in the game was the decentralisation of provinces, adding greater realism in that many features, from production to technological advancement, would now occur outside of the capital of the province. It was the first in the series to use Valve Corporation's Steamworks DRM and achievements system, thereby requiring Steam to be played. It was the first to use Total war Engine 3 which included the Warscape Engine.

In September 2009, an expansion titled The Warpath Campaign (Steam) was announced for release the following month. The campaign, released as downloadable content, focuses on the battles of the Europeans and Native Americans throughout most of North and Central America. The new campaign expands the North American territories and features 5 new playable factions: Iroquois, Cherokee, Huron, Pueblo and Plains Nations. New researchable technologies were also added, along with the new scout and shaman agents and new faction-specific objectives.

Additional Content: Elite Units from the East (Steam) | Elite Units of America (Steam) | Elite Units of the West (Steam)| Special Forces Units & Bonus Content (Steam)

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Empire: Total War

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A categorized and sortable list of all completed mods for all Total War platforms. Although incomplete it is probably the most exhaustive list available.

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  • The H.E.L.P. Project A project for freelance modders to help out projects that need it. Come here to contribute or look for specific talent.
  • Text Editors Cooperative (TEC) The purpose of TEC is improve the quality of modding by providing a medium in which text editors and/ or scripters can share and learn from each other in order to improve the playability of TW series games.
<h3"> Empire Modding Spotlight

Colonialism 1600 AD

Colonialism1600 wikiBanner.png

The mod aim is to recreate atmosphere of 17th century colonial and European warfare by overhauling and converting Empire Total War's units, battle-mechanics and presentation to the 17th century.' View more on this mod here.

Age of Enlightenment and Revolutions

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The AER mod is an overhaul of ETW with the aim to improve gameplay and add immersion to the vanilla game. The mod is focused on history and realism within the limits the CA source data and game engine provides. I have tried to keep AER modular, so it can be played alongside other mods that change other aspects of the ETW game. For more information, Please visit here .

Empire Realism IV

File:Empire Realism 4 wikiBanner.png

Adding tweaks and providing changes which shall enhance the realism and challenge in the campaign mode, altogether realising some significant gameplay changes with Empire TW towards realism and historical accuracy. For more information, Please visit forums here.

African Slave Trade Mod

African Slave trade wikiBanner.png

The purpose of this mod is to restored the slave slave to its historical significance. Currently, this is a visual change. However, more comprehensive changes will be made at a later date. Be sure to check out more on this mod by visiting forums here on TWC!

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