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Welcome to Community Portal on the TWC Wiki


The Community Portal is home to TWC's non TW-Community that makes up a large and diverse part of the site.

Here you will find information and links to help you explore this vibrant community and see what else TWC has to offer outside of the Total War series.
<h3"> Creative Workshop Spotlight
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A Long Way From Home

Alwf title small.jpg

The Writers' Study Yearly Awards have concluded for 2016, and once again the denizens of the Study have seen it fit to crown A Long Way From Home the winner of the AAR of the Year! Caillagh de Bodemloze's AAR features an ordinary person like us, albiet with a slight twist... he has been transported to the world of TES: Skyrim with no clue how he got there or how to get back home to earth.

Be sure to give this award-winning AAR a read and follow Yannick as he tries to cope in a strange world filled with monsters, magic, and mayhem - all intertwined with lighthearted humour, unique characters, and master story-telling.


Auf title small.jpg

Securing 2nd place in the Creative Writing of the Year in this years Writers' Study Yearly Awards is ♔Old Dragoon♔'s story AD USQUE FIDELIS. It is a story of a veteran of Eastern Roman Empire army - Uliaris is a man whose past seems to be catching up not only with him, but with those others who shared his past with him. A friend of his stands trial, and it seems that someone wants Uliaris – and the testimony he could give in support of his friend – out of the way. But who is the someone? And can Uliaris and his friends stop them? The story is full of twists and turns and keeps its readers on their toes so be sure to check it out for a fantastic read!

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