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Total War: Attila is a game in the Total War Series. Developed by the Creative Assembly.
Released in 2015, it is set in the late Roman at 395 AD. The campaign allows the player to take control of either of the Roman Empires, the Sassanid Persians, one of the various Germanic tribes, and more.

Thrity two DLC factions have been released, including the Danes, the Ostrogothic Empire and the Kingdom of Charlemagne

Mod Releases & Updates


Mods on TWC

A categorized and sortable list of completed mods for all Total War platforms. Although incomplete it is probably the most exhaustive list available.

<h3"> Attila Modding Spotlight

Radious Total War


Radious Total War, as is described in the forums, is a complete game overhaul changing most things in the game, from rebalancing every part of it to adding massive amounts of custom made units. Download instructions and other useful information here.

Ancient Empires


Ancient Empires, as is explained in the forums, is an overhaul project for both Rome 2 and Attila that will provide the player with an historically authentic and strategically challenging experience from the First Punic War through to ~100CE, including a series of mini-campaigns as well as a rebalanced Grand Campaign. It is still a WIP, but one of its projects, namely Warriors of Faith, is already finished and can be downloaded for the vanilla Attila game.

Attila Modding Information

Modding Help

Useful & Recent Modding Information

  • Mod Manager - Tool for launching multiple mods.
  • MedieFire features - Resource for simulating some Steam Workshop mechanics.
  • Removing clouds - Tutorial on how to remove tactical view obscuring clouds.
  • Models for Attila - Tutorial on how to implement external unit models into Attila.
  • Campaign Map - Resource for editing the campaign map with AORs and unit resources.

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