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Wizard penguin.png

Chief Technician of TWC

Badges/Staff Roles:Administrator, Artifex, Technical Staff
Patron:Roman Man
Patron of:Ishan

Sqυιd normally goes by Squid and is known by that name at the org

TWC Timeline

  • Squid joined twcenter on February 6th, 2007.
  • Squid was made an Artifex on December 4 2007.
  • Squid became a Moderator on August 16th 2008.
  • Squid became a Senior Moderator on February 18th 2009.
  • Squid joined the Hexagon Council in June 2010.

Roma Surrectum

Squid is a member of the Roma Surrectum team who has done work in following areas on the team:

  • Trait/Ancillary Coder
  • Building Coder
  • Map Editor
  • Bug Fixer
  • Install Creator
  • General Coder

Modding Tutorials/Guides

Squid has created the following guides and tutorials:

Modding Tools

Squid has programmed the following tools:

RTW Tools

M2TW Tools

Total War games owned

Box Art Type
STWBA.jpg Shogun: Total War
STWMIBA.jpg Shogun: Total War: Mongol Invasion
256px-Medieval Total War.jpg Medieval: Total War
MTWVIBA.jpg Medieval: Total War: Viking Invasion
Romebox.jpg Rome: Total War
RTWBIBA.JPG Rome: Total War Barbarian Invasion
Rome - Total War - Alexander Coverart.png Rome: Total War Alexander
M2TWBA.jpg Medieval 2: Total War
M2TWKBA.jpg Medieval 2: Total War Kingdoms

Ranks And Awards

Current Ranks held

Rank Description
Administrator radadir.png Administers TWC and TWC forums, a job not meant for a faint-hearted person. Promoted officially on October 18, 2011.
Artifex radadir.png An Artifex is someone who earned their rank through modding a TW game. Rank Achieved on 16 Aug, 2008.
Technical staff radadir.png Technical Staff is responsible for fixing technical problems on the site, ensure that it runs smoothly and may add, configure or remove features if necessary.

Former Ranks held

Rank Description
Moderator.png Moderators form the body which performs the vast majority of day-to-day front-line site moderation.
Senior moderator radadir.png Senior Moderators were a group of more experienced Moderators who overviewed day-to-day moderation until the rank was abolished in June of 2010.
cdecmember.png CdeC a committee tasked to oversee the promotion of new citizens, and to carry out disciplinary procedures against citizens that acquire warnings.
Content writer radadir2.png Ex-Content Staff member.

Awards Achieved

Award Type Reason
Wiki contributor large.png Wiki Contributor Awarded for contributing extensively to the TWC Wiki Project. Medal received on April 26, 2010.
Cdec silver large.png Consilium de Civitate Service Medal Awarded for time served as a Consilium de Civitate member for a period of four completed terms. Award received on December 10, 2010.
Mod Mace Amethyst large.png Moderator's Mace Awarded for time served as a Moderator for a period of two years to two years and eleven months. Received on June 09, 2012.
Techbigruby.png Technician's Screwdriver Awarded for service as Technical Staff since June 23, 2010. Received on September 30, 2012.
RTW Maward 08.png Modding Award Awarded for being the best RTW Tools Creator of 2008. Received on February 04, 2009.
RTW Maward 09.png Modding Award Awarded for winning the 'Favourite Tools (RTW)' category in the 2009 Modder Awards. Received on February 19, 2010.
RTW Maward 10.png Modding Award Awarded for winning the 'Favourite Tools (RTW)' category in the 2010 Modder Awards. Received on February 12, 2011.
M2TW Maward 10.png Modding Award Awarded for winning the 'Favourite Tool Maker (M2TW)' category in the 2010 Modder Awards. Received on February 12, 2011.
Mod Award 2011 RTW.png Modding Award Awarded for winning the 'Tool Maker (RTW)' category in the 2011 Modder Awards. Received on May 03, 2012.
Mod Award 2011 M2TW.png Modding Award Awarded for winning the 'Tool Maker (M2TW)' category in the 2011 Modder Awards. Received on May 03, 2012.
Opifex large.png Opifex Awarded for exceptional modding or other TW-related contributions to the board. Received on May 07, 2011.

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