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Zoner16 has been playing Total War for as long as they've had Rome Total War installed at internet cafes in the Philippines. This shouldn't imply that he's good at it, just that he's very dedicated at being mediocre.

His favorite periods include the Classical Era, American Civil War, Warring States, and Three Kingdoms Era. The last of which has turned into something of an obsession.

He runs a military history/mapmaking blog, but it's really just an excuse to slip Jojo memes into discussions about how much of a failure Guan Yu was.

Forum History

While he's been coming to the forum for years to grab mods, he only actually made an account in 2016 to do so while simultaneously talking to people.

He's since joined the Wiki Team so his longform rambling could be of help to others.

External Links

TWC Profile

His Blog

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