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Story about the Achaeron League creation.

Rise of the Acheronian League. (or what triggered the beginning of the Acheronian War in the galaxy in general)

The League's ascension began with the Gathering of the Consistorium of the Great Races on the planet Acheron Prime, which belongs to the Unn-chor Empire. After the Draconian War, the hatred of many civilizations for the Elfurr state increased hundreds of times. If earlier the mysterious race of Elfurr was treated with great suspicion, but at the same time they preferred not to rant about its tyrannical foundations, then after the elimination of the Ser-Azzrai regime on Kroko, the situation changed. Elfurr raids on draconian planets and on the worlds of Kosatti have rocked the galaxy. Even when the dictatorship of Ser-Azzrai fell, most civilizations no longer regarded Elfurr as allies. At the end of 2592, a massive exit from the Coalition of entire interstellar states followed. The first to leave the Coalition of the Galaxy were Unn-Chor, led by the high priest Olmek R-Llandris. The second was followed by Ho-Nari, led by the high priest Fei Hoa. Sozidaus came third, making this final decision at the Council of Four. Some of the Aranguto states also followed the great races who did not trust the Coalition's pro-Elfurrian rule. Soon, at least 8 civilizations left the Coalition. The Khazaars, Kosatti and Ara-Nii had not previously been part of any associations. The Elfurr did not prevent many races from leaving, but they warned them that they were making an irreparable mistake. St-Finghi was the last to leave the galactic alliance. Following them, two human states, such as Neo-Liberon and Geranium, announced separation. The Elfurrian pharaoh Senuhsert called the act of these people unreasonable and warned about their difficult future without the Coalition.

A few months later, in 2593, civilizations and states that left the Coalition of the Galaxy began to cooperate with each other. Olmec R-Landdris has invited rulers of all races who are unfriendly towards Elfurr. On the planet Acheron Prime, the first meeting of the leaders of states that left the Coalition took place. The first meeting was named the Liberty Staircase. The Coalition was concerned about the gathering of large empires that were formerly part of the galactic association. Empress Farrukh Yuay Ang called this advice a dangerous undertaking. Many leaders of the Coalition expressed concern that the meetings organized by Olmec and calls for unification into a new alliance threaten a total split in the Galaxy. Fleet Admiral Zarina Menchfidel of the Elfurr Empire described Olmec's actions as an attempt to unleash an all-out galactic war. Olmec denied his participation in the anti-Elfurr association. He reported that the meetings held at Acheron Prime were not related to the discussion of the Elfurr aggression. But a month later, a new summit was held under the leadership of Olmec and his allies. The summit announced the creation of the Acheronian League in opposition to the Coalition of the Galaxy. Olmec R-Llandris officially announced the creation of a new association. He did not call his alliance Anti-Elfurr, but did mention that the League would be firmly opposed to any aggression. The Coalition Board called the Acheronian League "a dangerous organization of otherworldly people seeking power." Closer to the standard April 2593 (in Earth reckoning), the Acheronian League first intervened in the affairs of another state.

The anti-Elfurr sentiments instilled by Olmec and his comrades have spread to a good half of the galaxy. Because of this, massive protests began on thousands of planets. Demonstrations were usually suppressed by the Coalition's intelligence services, and the instigators were sent to prisons. But riots continued to erupt. In the Castambol Federation, a rebellion broke out against the local president who supported Elfurr. The people of Castambol took over the government quarter overnight, killing all the authorities. The rebels announced the joining of the federation to the Acheronian League. They called Elfurr the greatest threat in the universe. Olmec R-Landis willingly took the rebels under his wing, even though they were human. Since the annexation of Castambol, anti-Elfurr calls have been heard more and more frequently at League meetings. It all ended with the League's representatives closing all their consulates in the territories of the Coalition. There was a complete diplomatic rift between Acheron and the Coalition of the Galaxy. One of the prominent representatives of the Coalition's psi-special forces, Frederic Kartavin, called this step a declaration of war. The League also announced that it was not going to start a war with Elfurr, but at the same time it would not maintain any relationship with them. In the territories of Acheron, the Elfurric language was banned. All elfurr representatives have been expelled. The last straw was a quarrel between the League leadership and the Earth Alliance closer to 2595. The last negotiations between the President of the Earth Joanna Kilich and the head of Acheron ended in a conflict situation. Joanna called Olmec "a power-hungry four-armed demon." Olmec told Kilich that "her pathetic planet Earth will be destroyed for such insults." The Farrukh office immediately sent a note of protest to the League leadership. Elfurr called such insults in the negotiations unacceptable. It all ended with the Acheronian flotilla hitting Earth's merchant ships in the disputed sector of Betelgeuse. The merchants called for reinforcements from the nearby Mirandolina space base. The help quickly destroyed the League's fleet in this system. Upon learning of the attack on his ships, Olmec ordered to send three combat armada to Betelgeuse.

The Earthlings immediately requested help from Elfurr. The Elfurrian Allied Flotilla helped stop the League's advance. After the defeat of Acheron at Betelgeuse, Olmec convened a new summit, inviting all the allied leaders there. At the meeting, he formally declared war on the Elfurr Empire and the entire Galaxy Coalition. The war was supported by all representatives of the League, without exception.