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One of my earliest interest/hobbies was and still is genealogy. I enjoyed the mystery and the discovery of new information that shed some light on my families background. So taking my passion for that hobby, I set out for fun to do the same for "TWC Houses."

As some you may know that many of the "Houses" are not absolute listing of who "beget" who, but are politically pieced together. An extreme example is the "House of Caesar." Many citizens would often change their "patron" for political motives and till this day many people still list themselves in their signatures, not under the patron that patronized them, but the one they chose out of these political concerns of the time.

This projects restores the original connection to show where citizens "come from."


Most members originate out of 7 Founding members of the forum. These are the "First Citizens." This means the admin selective chose them to be citizens. They are;

GodEmperor Nicholas | Manji | Rububula | Siblesz | the Black Prince | Wild Bill Kelso | Wilpuri

There are three "Original citizens" who did patronize citizens, but they do not have any active members.

Lord Tomyris | Frood | Trobalov

There are an additional 14 possible first citizens. There are some members who descend from the following of unknown origin, but most likely original citizens as well.

bgreman | smoke

The following are citizens of unknown origin with patronages who no longer active.

Richard the Lionheart | Lord Mountbatten (unknown person)

Finally, the original "owner" of the site; Paul


Issues: I did this some months ago. There are significant information missing. The site lost about two and half years worth of information concerning patronization of citizen. The PDF would indicate any inconsistencies in the records, as well as , any "gaps" in the records. The "gap" years are dates prior to December of 2003 and much of 2004 and 2005. They might be some missing applications in 2006. There is also one person who has to patonization. I kept them in each group, but highlighted in yellow.

For more information, Please visit the forum page