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V.O.C. Infantry (ETW Unit)

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V.O.C. Infantry (ETW Unit)
VOC Inf.png
Class Line Infantry
Unit Size 160
Weaponry Muskets
Melee Attack
Ranged Attack
Charge Bonus
Region India
Recruitment Cost 920
Upkeep Cost 230
Turns to Build
Unit Limit
Building Requirements
  • Barracks
  • Military Governor's Barracks
  • Technology Requirements N/A
  • Can Guard
  • Can hide in woodland
  • Can hide in woodland
  • Resistant to heat fatigue
  • Chevaux de frise
  • Earthworks
  • Fire and advance drill
  • Rank firing drill
  • Can adopt square formation
  • VOC InfThumb.pngRaised in India, these European mercenaries do not fight “for king and country” but for the great East Indies trading companies.


    Company infantry are professional soldiers drawn exclusively from Europeans, both officers and other ranks. They are members of private armies for the traders, but one that is available to further national needs when required. They fight using European doctrine and equipment as line infantrymen, carrying smoothbore, muzzle-loading muskets. These soldiers are also enforcers, tax gatherers and a potent threat against the local princes in India, even away the battlefield. Native regiments under European officers exist too, but their reliability is doubtful.

    Historically, the great European trading companies were often closer to being nations in their own right than business ventures. India was so wealthy that the companies needed armies, not just guards, to protect and expand their interests and prestige. The British East India Company (the “John Company”), the Dutch “Vereenigde Oostindische Compagnie” (VOC) and the French “La Compagnie française des Indes orientales” all had their own armed forces; 1 in 5 VOC employees were soldiers!


    The V.O.C. Infantry are best used as a usual line infantry force, who should be able to deal with the normal threats fairly easily. They should avoid artillery as much as possible.


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