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Venice (ETW Faction)

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Venice (ETW Faction)
Venice FlagETW.png
Name: Venice
From Game: Empire: Total War
Culture: European

Venice is an unplayable minor faction in Empire: Total War.


By the events of Empire: Total War, the Republic of Venice (formally known as The Most Serene Republic of Venice) had lasted for over a thousand years. Wealthy merchants and skilled fighters, Venice had been engaged with regular conflicts with the Ottomans throughout the last two hundred years. The most recent conflict with the Ottomans, The Morean War (1684-1699) has left Venice in control of Morea, although the Republic has seen better days and is in its waning years. As the game begins in 1700, these territories are reflected on the world map.

Venice is interesting in that it is one of only three nations to begin the game as a republic (the others being the United Provinces and Genoa). It is therefore unfriendly to hostile with almost every other nation. In reality Venice was only a republic in the vaguest sense of the term.

Historically, the Ottomans regained Morea in 1718 after a war with the Austrians and Venetians. Once a power to be reckoned with, Venice was no longer able to pose a serious threat to anyone. In 1797, Venice surrendered unconditionally to Napoleon Bonaparte's armies and ceased to function as an independent state. It was later annexed in 1866 by Italy, which it has remained part of to the modern day.


Venice controls two regions, one in Venetia, a region with a major city that borders the Italian States, the Austrian Empire and the northernmost constituent of Spain's Italian possessions, and Morea bordering Ottoman-controlled Greece at the southern tip of the Balkans. Venice is one of the only republics in the early game, meaning that it will be hostile to nearly everyone it comes into contact with and is difficult to make an ally out of. Venice can be aggressive and usually builds up impressive armies at both regions, therefore becoming a serious threat to both the Ottomans and Austria in the early game. For many nations that have victory requirements close to Venetia, Venice will prove troublesome sooner or later. These nations include France, Prussia, and Spain. Venice often declares war against the Italian States during the mid to late game, potentially unifying the Italian peninsula and becoming quite powerful.

Venice, Venetia in 1700

  • Starting Building – State House, Army Encampment, Opera House, Cannon Foundry
  • Infrastructure - Basic Roads
  • Population – 1,527,873
  • Wealth – 3732
  • Religion – Catholicism 100.0%
  • Starting Towns/PortsUdine (Craft Workshops Weavers), Maniago Vineyards (Wineries), Verona (Coaching Inn), Chioggia (Trading Port)

Patras, Morea in 1700

  • Starting Building – Magistrate
  • Infrastructure - Basic Roads
  • Population – 265,079
  • Wealth – 1554
  • Religion – Orthdox 95.0%, Catholicism 5.0%
  • Starting Towns/PortsSparta Farmland (Peasant Farms),Corinth (Craft Workshops Smith), Voupradia Groves (Vineyards)
  • Later Villages/Ports Pylos (Port)
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