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Victoria: Total War

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Victoria: Total War
Platform Empire: Total War
Mod Type Total Conversion
EraLate 19th and Early 20th centuries
Mod Leader Tango12345
Release Status Under Development
Forum / Thread Here

Victoria: Total War, or XIX for short, is an Empire: Total War game modification that is intended to completely overhaul the game and move it to the late 19th Century-after the American Civil War. It is currently in the development stage, and was voted as the most anticipated mod for Empire: Total War in the 2010 Modding Awards. When completed, it will have its own launcher, several different campaign options, and a great many new units.


Campaign and Battle AI

Victoria: Total War will use the tried and tested DarthMod Campaign and Battle AIfor the optimum performance of the game's AI. The Campaign AI will most likely be left completely untouched, but the Battle AI may be edited slightly in order to take into account the difference in weaponry and tactics in the late 19th Century from what it was in 1700.


The map has been updated as far as is possible under the Empire: Total War engine. Each region has been given to the country that owned it in 1865, and many factions have been added and removed. As well as this, Fortes' world map mod is included, which makes a large part of the world visible, but unusable for gameplay. In order to make sure that the British Empire, historically the largest empire of the period, or indeed ever, is not so incredibly powerful that it will destroy everything else, many of the Indian states under the control of the British Raj have been given Protectorate Status, and are not directly controlled by Britain. Though Britain is still the largest and richest nation by a significant margin, this does mean that other nations have a much better chance to compete, and a lot of money will have to be spent on garrisons and infrastructure upgrades if Britain, or indeed any other nation, to unlock Indias full economic potential. In Europe, the stage has been set for the Austro-Prussian and the Franco-Prussian Wars, which means that there will be action there early on, and in America, the United States will have to rebuild the Southern States after its brutal civil war. After it does that however, and has dealt with the threat posed by the Native Americans, it will be able to expand and rival European powers.

Tech Tree

Each nation will eventually have a unique, upgraded tech tree suitable for the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Each nations historical advances in firepower will be represented, as well as changes in maritime navigation, economic principles, and new inventions. The military part of the tech tree will be especially valuable to the player, as it is through that that next generation units will be unlocked.


Each faction will have the equivalent of its vanilla units replaced with up to date versions, where applicatable, for example puckle guns and sakers and demi-cannons are not going to be available.

Other features

The Mod features a stand-alone launcher with options to select one of several campaigns, graphics, and gameplay options, as well as a section to maintain the mod should it function incorrectly.

The Team


  • Fortes-Team Leader
  • Okmin
  • Matrixstorm
  • Tango12345
  • Xwhyzed
  • The Lizard King
  • Solo1906

Beta Testers

  • Oggie
  • Lexandro81

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