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Woad Warriors (RTW unit)

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Woad Warriors (RTW unit)
Woad Warrior (RTW).png
Class Heavy Infantry
Unit Size 160 men
Weaponry Sword
Morale 10
Melee Attack 13
Ranged Attack N/A
Defence 4
Charge Bonus 5
Accuracy N/A
Range N/A
Ammunition N/A
Region Global
Recruitment Cost 380
Upkeep Cost 130
Turns to Build 2
Unit Limit Unlimited
Building Requirements Shrine of Andrasta
Technology Requirements None
  • Warcry
  • Can hide in forests
  • Woad Warrior unit card (RTW).png Religion and magic are powerful reasons for bravery. Woad warriors are brave fighters - and mad.


    Religion and magic are powerful reasons for bravery.

    Woad warriors are brave fighters - and mad. They disdain armor and most clothing, preferring to paint themselves with intricate and stylized magical designs in woad (a blue dye) to deflect enemy blows and missiles. The patterns created can be elaborate and almost inhuman, and are supposed to be unnerving for enemies unused to such practices. Belief in magic also armors the woad warriors against fear, and makes them savage, dangerous and not-quite-controllable fighters. Woad warriors carry only blades and shields but it is a foolish commander indeed who underestimates their impact in battle!


    Woad Warriors are painted soldiers recruited exclusively by Britannia. Since a city may only have a temple to one deity, you are required to choose whether or not a city can recruit Druids, Woad Warriors and Head Hunters, or an increase of tradable goods in a particular city. This makes the general availability of all three units somewhat more limited.

    Woad Warriors are similar to Naked Fanatics that are recruited by other barbarian factions, although their shield is smaller. The biggest difference is Woad Warriors are recruited from a particular Shrine opposed to a Sacred Grove. Like Naked Fanatics, these soldiers’ lack of armor and low defense make them particularly susceptible to missile fire.


  • Britannia Faction Symbol-Vanilla.png Britannia
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