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Wonders - Modding Info for RTW

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RTW Modding Index

The model and tga paths for wonders are defined in descr_sm_landmarks.txt, no separate path is given for the model texture but if model is placed in models_strat and its default texture (set by the 3D max modelling program) is placed in models_strat/textures, the game finds the default texture.

All seven wonders are used in Rome Total War. Only the Pyramids and Mausoleum are used in vanilla BI, but others can be added by modding descr_strat.txt - their effects in BI need checking.

Wonder Effects

The effects of wonders are hard coded, however some effects can be negated by giving faction wide negative bonuses to a building in the same region, similarly other effects can be added by giving faction wide positive bonuses to a building that only exists in the same region, or by making those bonuses dependent on a hidden resource only present in that region.

See How to negate and replace the wonder effects by Dol Guldur

Hard-coded Effects

The intended effects may be found be looking up the text description in data/text/landmarks.txt for convenience they are summarised below. Effects apply only to faction that owns region containing wonder. It may need confirmation to see if all effects actually work as listed.

Rome Total War Wonders:

  • Temple of Artemis at Ephesus - internal name = temple
reduces the cost of new religious buildings by 30%
  • Mausoleum at Halicarnassus - internal name = mausoleum
reduces building construction times reduced by 20% for buildings that take less than 5 turns to complete
  • The Great Pyramid and Sphinx of Giza - internal name = pyramids_and_sphinx
"increases the loyalty of Egyptians to the owning faction, regardless of culture" - not sure on effects of this if used in BI!
  • Pharos at Alexandria - internal name = pharos
halves the chance of nearby ships at sea sinking and increases naval movement allowances
  • Colossus of Rhodes - internal name = colossus
increases naval trade by 40%
  • Statue of Zeus at Olympia - internal name = statue
gives a +4 (20%) bonus to population loyalty in all settlements
  • Hanging Gardens of Babylon - internal name = gardens
give a 20% bonus to farming income in all settlements

Using Wonders in Barbarian Invasion

Wonders appear to have no effect in BI, except for the basic happiness bonus associated with owning a wonder, see this thread for discussion.

Position on Map

The location of the wonders is set in the descr_strat.txt file just under the pirate_spawn_value and above the resources section, format is:

landmark	pyramids_and_sphinx	181,	12
landmark	mausoleum	160,	50

Position Conflicts

Strangely you can place a wonder directly over a city. Troops that start or are built in the city can leave it but no troops can enter the city or besiege it. Am sure this information should have some useful purpose but don't know what at the moment!

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