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Whats WTW ?

World Total War is a major mod project for Medieval Total War 2.
It will be for World War 2 ambientation.
Players will can recreate huge ww2 battles under a total war scenario!
World Total War Mod Official site

Main features

This section describes the conceptual goal of the mod.




Machine gunners



Strategic map issues

Cities and industrial(castles)



Here goes the current working engine mod Worldtotalwar:engine_mod

WTW engine design vs MTW2 engine

This section describes design engeeniring concepts. And limits of MTW2 engine.


How to make a pak72? retexturing a canon.

Musketmen could be riflemen.
Elephant cannon could be tanks!!
Elephant misile could be inf mech
Ribault could be mgs
Serpentine could be some anti-tank gun, like 88
Cannons could be diverse artillery
rocket launcher as modern rocket launcher

Staked-pikes could be anti-tank trenches ?

Post your own design discousion articles


Project roadmap

Developing policy

Since it will be difficult and we dont know how the mtw2 engine will be able to "accomplish"...

It will be developped under a short cycle rush "agile development" in first steps. Late it will become more chaotic...as usual in this type of projects

Wikidirectory structure

Project Member Roadmap

May there be some sub-articles for each section.


Founder --MisticVisions 18:35, 4 March 2008 (CST)

Project Council:

Managers Groups

- Project manager

- Current Version manager group

- Public Relations manager group

- Conceptual manager group

- Wiki manager


- Script

- Graphics

- Sound

- Testers

- Wiki Support

Project status roadmap

Current Working Version

includes historical cvs

Main Engine


This section recopilates ready public versions and scenarios of WTW 1st: "Battle of Kursk" WTW 0.1 Worldtotalwar:Kursk


Broken dreams

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