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XAI: The game core renovation project

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XAI: The game core renovation project
Platform Medieval II: Total War: Kingdoms
Mod Type AI Overhaul
Mod Leader xeryx
Release Status Version 4.0
Forum / Thread Here

XAI, the game core renovation project, is a hosted modification on TWCenter, and is intended to improve the standard AI of the game Medieval II: Total War: Kingdoms.


No information prior to 2010 found. The current version is 4.0, which was released on January 24, 2010. Nothing of importance after that date.


XAI is, as the name suggests, a major overhaul for the campaign AI. It aims to improve both the Campaign and Battle AI, to make the game more enjoyable. Various other mods have integrated XAI into their game. Replacing various standard files of the game with modified ones, the mod drastically changes the way the AI works, both on the battle map and the campaign map. It works with Medieval II: Total War: Kingdoms, and most of the mods for this game. Several of the mods that use XAI are:

-Heroes Hordes & beyond [KGCMv4.2]

-Kingdoms Grand Campaign Mod

-Call of Warhammer


AI overhaul

This game changes nothing to the graphics of the game, nor the factions, nor anything but the way the computer-controlled factions act and react to everything that happens. This includes changes to the behavior of the AI on the campaign map, where it handles day-to-day affairs like managing cities and moving armies, but it also makes the AI smarter on the battlefield, instead of the static tactics it normally applies.

Campaign AI changes

There have been made many changes to the campaign AI. Listed here are the most important ones.

  • Difficulties: the mod adds a few difficulty levels on top of the vanilla ones.
  • Diplomacy: a few modifications have been made to the bartering with the AI.
  • Invasions: both naval and land invasions have been rewritten, so that the AI will pick its targets more carefully and send better armies. It also makes sure there's an increased number of battles.
  • Protecting settlements: the AI now actively defends its settlements, having armies react on enemies in and close to the owned regions more aggressively.

Battle AI changes

A number of improvements to the battle AI are in this mod as well, which make the AI function properly when fighting instead of the vanilla tactics it normally uses.

  • Sieges have been fixed: The AI now properly attacks the walls like the human player would.
  • Improved tactics: The AI can now use more advanced tactics like feints and counter-attacks, and it keeps its armies disciplined when not engaged in battle, unlike the Vanilla AI that would constantly shift formations and placement of its troops.
  • Losses: XAI is the only Battle AI that has equal loss ratios between the AI and Human forces, with EDU balance.

A note: The Battle AI is not fully completed, and might contain a few bugs.

The team


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XAI: The game core renovation project

Kingdoms Grand Campaign Mod

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