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Xiahou Yuan

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Xiahou Yuan
Xiahou yuan.png
Name: Xiahou Yuan
Game: Total War: Three Kingdoms
Culture: Han
Starting Faction: The Cao Clan of Qiao
Faction Leader: No
Style Name:Miaocai
Title:General Who Conquers the West, Marquis of Bochang

Xiahou Yuan, is a unique character in Total War: Three Kingdoms.

Historical Background

Along with his cousin Xiahou Dun, Xiahou Yuan was one of the original members of Cao Cao's army during the days of the coalition. He was also Cao Cao's brother in law. He held administrative posts in Yan province along with his cousin until the Guandu campaign, whereupon he joined Cao Cao as a logistics officer and performed admirably. From that point on, he was dispatched to trouble spots throughout Cao Cao's territory to put down rebellions with incredible speed. After Cao Cao secured his southern border following the disaster at Chibi, Xiahou Yuan was sent to pacify the northwest of the empire along with Zhong Yao. This caused the warlords of Liang and Yong province to unite against them under Ma Chao and Han Sui. Cao Cao arrived personally to direct them, and the rebels were defeated and scattered in the Battle of Huayin.

Cao Cao then left Xiahou Yuan in charge of dealing with the survivors, which he did with a passion, chasing incredibly mobile enemies through harsh terrain on the frontier. He first marched on Ma Chao, who had besieged the Inspector of Liang at Jicheng, but the inspector surrendered before he got there, he was ambushed while force marching across the countryside, and a rebellion forced him to retreat. He returned later when the people of Jicheng and Lucheng rose in revolt against Ma Chao and helped drive him into Hanzhong. Ma Chao did return, but Xiahou Yuan and Zhang He drove him off again. He then went after Han Sui, chasing him to Lueyang, where he then attacked the nearby Qiang people, who recalled their warriors from Han Sui's army to resist him. Han Sui was defeated soon after, his allies among the Di people were subjugated as well, followed by the Xiongnu. Xiahou Yuan was ultimately so successful against them that most of the rest of the northwestern empire surrendered to him after he was victorious.

Following this victory, Xiahou Yuan was made General Who Conquers the West, with many famous officers under his command, such as Zhang He, Xu Huang, and Guo Huai. He participated in the first Hanzhong campaign against Zhang Lu, where his reputation among the local Di and Qiang tribes caused them to surrender or defect the moment he arrived, resulting in Zhang Lu's defeat almost immediately. However, Liu Bei then invaded Hanzhong. Xiahou Yuan's subordinates defeated the first invasion under Ma Chao and Zhang Fei without any issue. However, during the second, Fa Zheng and Huang Zhong ambushed him in a gorge, killing him in 219AD. Rather than rout however, his well disciplined army fell back to a better position under his subordinates, who kept Liu Bei from advancing further until Cao Cao arrived.

Despite his untimely death, the region he left behind was so secure that despite repeated attempts by Shu to invade it over the coming years, it never fell into enemy hands. His subordinates kept the region safe and the good relations he fostered among the people, both Chinese and non-Chinese, kept the region from returning to the chaos it had been in prior.

Start Location

Xiahou Yuan starts as an officer of The Cao Clan of Qiao.

Start Overview



  • Dutiful: -5 Instinct, +10 Authority, Reduced penalty from desire for higher office, +10 Satisfaction; Focuses on Duty
  • Energetic:
  • Disciplinarian:


Xiahou Yuan starts as close friends with Cao Cao, his historical cousin.

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