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Name: The Gongsun Clan of Youbeiping
From Game: Total War: Three Kingdoms
Culture: Han
Playable: Yes

The Gongsun Clan of Youbeiping is one of the playable factions in Total War: Three Kingdoms. It is one of the 11 immediately playable in the base game, with no achievement or DLC requirements.

Historical Background

Start Position

The Gongsun Clan starts in Youbeiping Commandery. It's starting leader is Gongsun Zan. Zhao Yun also starts as part of it.

Unique Mechanic

Military Governors - Replaces administrators with field commanders who can provide bonuses to settlements while still leading armies.

Unique Units

  • White Horse Fellows
  • White Horse Banner

Initial Dilemma

There is a conflict brewing between Gongsun Zan and the neighbouring Liu Yu, who adopted a very different and more lenient strategy when dealing with the Wuhuan and Xianbi peoples. Liu Yu is also supported by Dong Zhuo, and Gongsun Zan is resentful about Liu Yu’s success. Your generals urge you to take the fight to your rival, Liu Yu, and prevent him from cutting off your expansion. A letter has arrived from your old ally Yuan Shao, requesting you assault Han Fu, promising wealth and riches if you do so.

  1. Do you take the chance to destroy you rival Liu Yu?
  2. Or do you join your friend and attack Han Fu?
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