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I'm Forlornhope on TWC, known as Yojimbo for a long time as well.

I am a Citizen on TWC and also am part of Content Staff and the Wiki Team.

I love Total War, computers, gaming, girls and writing. I am an atheist.

I joined on 28th June 2008 as Trueforlornhope as my name was taken.

I wrote a unit guide to the RTW series that I completed on the 10th and uploaded to TWC on the 13th. Alexander and Barbarian invasion sections. Also comes as a PDF with all three guides which is more updated.

I wrote a Medieval 2: Total War Eco guide on the 28 December 2008.

I wrote a Medieval 2: Total war gunpowder guide on December 31st 2008 Also available as a PDF.

I wrote a Settings guide for ETW

I also made a guide to using Steam

I work as a professional writer for Android Rundown.

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