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Platform Medieval II: Total War: Kingdoms
Mod Type Total Conversion
Mod Leader Boicote
Release Status v1.1
Forum / Thread Here


1143 is a mod about Reconquista that focuses in Iberian Peninsula and North Africa, starting in 1143 and concluding in 1492. The latest version available is v1.1.



Playable faction symbols

There are six playable factions:

  • Kingdom of Portugal (catholic faction)
  • Kingdom of Castile & Leon (catholic faction)
  • Crown of Aragon (catholic faction)
  • Kingdom of Navarre (catholic faction)
  • The Almoravids (muslim faction)
  • The Almohads (muslim faction)
The campaign map of 1143 v1.1

The mod also includes two emergent factions:

  • The Marinids (muslim faction)
  • The Nasrid Kingdom of Granada (muslim faction)

Campaign map

The campaign map represents the Iberian Peninsula and the north of Africa. It has 46 conquerable regions.

The Judaism

The mod also includes a new religion: the Judaism. In the beginning of the game you are able to choose if you want to be tolerant to minor religions, such as the Judaism. According to your decision, you will have different benefits

Alternative symbols for Portugal, C&L, Aragon and Navarre

Several Flags for the same faction

Portugal has five historical flags that will appear in certain years.

Navarre has two different flags. This Kingdom will change its flag in the beginning of the 13th century.

The Crown of Aragon and the Kingdom of Castile&Leon will change their flags according to theirs conquests. But note that only historical combinations are possible.

Settlements with two different names

Almost every city has two names: one in Arabic and the other in a Romanic language (Portuguese, Castilian or Catalan). The name will change according to the culture that rules the city.

Several rebel factions that will look like a “shadow faction”

The Kingdom of Leon represented as a (rebel) faction

New units

There are several new units in this mod, such as “Cavaleiros-Vilões”; “Besteiros do Conto”; “Navarrense Javelinmen”, “Lanceiros”, etc... In the version 1.1 you can now recruit Mozarabs (Christians who adopted elements of Arabic language and culture). The mod also includes several military orders:

  • Templars- available for all Christian factions until 1314
  • Hospitalars- available for Aragon.
  • Order of Avis- available for Portugal
  • Order of Christ- available for Portugal after the suppression of the Templars
  • Knights of Calatrava- available for Castile&Leon
  • Order of Santiago- available for Castile&Leon and Portugal
  • Order of Montesa- available for Aragon after the suppression of the Templars

New monetary unit

The denari was chosen as the monetary unit in 1143. This choice was based in the fact that it was one of the monetary units used by the Almoravids and then by the Almohads. The denari circulated not only in Iberian Peninsula and North of Africa but it could also be found in the rest of Europe (due a lack of precious metals in the continent during the 12-13th century). It also used as a reference for Iberian Christian Kingdom to create their coins.


The mod included titles that are given to generals. These titles will be available only in some cities. The titles given by Portuguese cities will be available only after the turn 30.

New Script

The file campaign_script.txt contains 85897 lines. It's responsible for several features, events and missions.

Team / Contributors



The first version of the mod (v1.0) was released in January 20, 2008. On January 8, 2009 the latest version of the mod (v1.1) was released in this thread

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