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58 BC: Caesar Imperator!

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Scripted mod for Barbarian Invasion 1.6, set in 58 BC surprisingly! Part of the Fall of the Republic - Rise of the Empire project.


Scripted Missions

The path to glory lies ahead and many enemies will try to stop Caesar. Defeating the Helvetii, Ariovistus, the Veneti, the Nervii and the Catuvellauni will provide the player with some of the toughest challenges presented by any Mod. Fiendish scripting means that success cannot be taken for granted. The Great Revolt of Vercingetorix represents a fitting climax to Caesar’s quest for glory. However in this moment of triumph bitter enemies in the Senate threaten to take everything away from him. The Rubicon must be crossed!


A new map has been developed reflecting the historical situation in 58BC. The roman world has expanded rapidly during the past 50 years and external enemies are greatly reduced. Now, the real enemy lies within...


This modification is made by the FRRE team. The FRRE team are the proud creators of a series of mods set in the Roman transition from a republic to an empire featuring historical accuracy and innovative scripting. Other mods include 77BC:Twilight of the Republic (all factions mods set at the dying Republic) and The First Triumvirate (Roman centered mod on the life of the Triumvirs)

Gameplay Guide

Download it from HERE!

Three New Factions (unique to this mod)

The Helvetii are on the move aiming to migrate westwards through Gallia Transalpina all the way to the Atlantic coast. The integrity of the Provincia is threatened ....will Caesar allow this?

The Nervii are the fiercest of all the Belgae peoples. They will violently resist Caesar and his loyal legions...

The Cautuvellauni are a people in formation, challenging the other tribes in southern Britain and agitating in support of the Veneti against Caesar. Their war leader Cassivellaunus must be taught to acknowledge the imperium populi Romani


Here is the preview of the roman legions

Here is the preview of some of Caesar enemies


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