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Additional Units Mod

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Additional Units Mod
Platform Empire: Total War
Mod Type Unit Pack
Era18th Century
Mod Leader Swiss Halberdier
Release Status v3.2
Forum / Thread Here

Overview and Features

ADDITIONAL UNITS MOD 3.2 is a mod for Empire Total War which adds 90 custom units, 32 custom ships, 3 Officers and 4 Field Marshalls and 63 ORNAMENTUM units to ETW. There are other 28 units from "vanilla" which can now be recruited by other factions too.

There are four versions of AUM available:

aum_mod.pack = standalone version with small unit sizes and can be used with other mods than DM, IS and APE. (unit stats from vanilla)

aum_mod_dm.pack = unit size, costs and stats are updated to "DarthMod"

aum_mod_ape_ti.pack = unit size, costs and stats are updated to "A Proper Empire:Terra Incognita"

aum_mod_is.pack = unit size, costs and stats are updated to "Imperial Splendor"

There are four language versions available > English + German + French + Spanish

These files below are important to display the unit names and descriptions in game:

patch_aum_en_loc.pack = the English "localisation.loc"

patch_aum_ge_loc.pack = the German "localisation.loc"

patch_aum_en_loc_ape_ti.pack = the special English "localisation.loc" which enables all new units of "A Proper Empire:Terra Incognita" and my "Additional Units Mod".

patch_aum_en_loc_is.pack = the special English "localisation.loc" which enables all new units of "Imperial Splendour" and my "Additional Units Mod".

UPC English, German, French, Spanish = the special English + German + French + Spanish "localisation.loc" of all unit names from several "Unit Pack Mods" together. But there is a limit how many units are shown in the recruitment queue. Please read this "*** UNIT LIMIT IN THE UI RECRUITMENT QUEUE ***" >>> https://www.twcenter.net/forums/showthread.php?p=5176477

patch_aum_graphics.pack which includes several new re-textures. It is fully optional and AUM works without as well. It changes only the textures of "vanilla" units.


Swiss Halberdier > creator

Takeda Shingen > beta-tester, researcher, screenshoter

Many textures from very talented skinners are included. All contributors are listed in my credits section on the main thread.

Downloads and Links

AUM thread and download links on TWC https://www.twcenter.net/forums/showthread.php?t=250655

UPC thread on TWC https://www.twcenter.net/forums/showthread.php?t=340442

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