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Ancient Egypt

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Ancient Egypt is a modification of CA's award-winning game "Medieval II: Total War". The modification features Ancient Egypt during the Middle-Kingdom (The First Intermediate Period, 2150 BC).

Unlike other modifications, this one will allow you to command one of many factions of the same nation. You will be ruling over an independent part of Egypt, trying to unite all Egypt under your banner through suppressing Egyptian tribes and defeating rival Egyptians in an all-out war...

...But that is just the beginning. Nubians from the south and Libyans from the west gaze at the land of the Nile, and crave it's riches. Thousands upon thousands of fierce tribesmen will sweep through Egyptian lands, burning and pillaging until all of Egypt is theirs. Can you stop them?

Factions will include three Egyptian factions, of these three, one is the main faction, the second is a rival faction and the third is a faction representing Egyptian tribes dotted around the Nile. Alongside the three Egyptian factions, there will be two foreign factions. These foreign factions are "The Libyans" and "The Nubians".

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