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Ancient Empires

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Ancient Empires
Platform Rome: Total War Barbarian Invasion
Mod Type
Mod Leader limes
Release Status
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Ancient Empires (AE) here and its newest future grand release Ancient Empires Elysium (AEE) here is an independent mod. Some time ago it was created for different versions of RTR Gold and RTR Platinium. Latest version of AE was designed as separate mod, however it still uses some RTR units (thank you RTR Team). It features a totally new Auxilia (administrative) system, Roman Military Reform system, and many completely new units. Currently it is in Beta, but the v2.0 is in progress and is very nearly done. Future release of Ancient Empires is named Ancient Empires Elysium (AEE) and is quite different than older version.

In coming AEE mod which is under construction I will preset:

- AEE new original heavy models and skins of new units for Romans, Roman Rebels, Rebels, Gauls, Thracians, Carthaginians, others (AEE),

- AEE original design new map with real topographical projections (Mt. Olympus - Greece, Alpes with Mt. Blanc, alpine passes, Mt. Ararat - Armenia, Khyber Pass - Afghanistan, part of Himalayas, etc. etc), new names of towns and cities. secret passages, ravines, big mountains, navigable rivers (AEE),

- AEE realistic game environment like trees, skies, shrubs, flowers (AEE),

- AEE unique Navigable Rivers with Ports Mod (AEE),

- AEE unique recruitment system (first metropolis --> auxilia system dependant on reforms and conquer),

- AEE originally designed reforms (AEE),

- AEE republican ---> plebeian trait system (AEE),

- AEE changes to AI stuff (AEE),

- AEE trade routes (AEE AI elements),

- AEE new Walls (AEE),

- AEE new 2d art like faction symbols, interface, loading screens, other 2d stuff (AEE),

- AEE custom battlefields (AEE),

- AEE Fire Arrows, Balistas and Torches II Mini-Mod (AEE),

- AEE migration Buildings important natural support for "cultures" feature and social affiliation (AEE),

- AEE Fog & Light System (AEE),

- AEE coded Horde feature (AEE),

- AEE Roman Rebels - "Loyalty" mod (AEE),

- AEE Cultures/religion mod (AEE),

- AEE version of Recruitable Generals (AEE),

- AEE Legions' names (AEE),

- AEE dismounted Greek Generals Guard (AEE),

- AEE new faction - Epirus (AEE Epirote skins from KALI),

- AEE version of Chaotica’s Metropolis Mod (AEE - Draknar's mod, AE - Chaotica),

- AEE Modded Naval Mod by Desaix (Draknar's mod, Desaix),

- AEE new Progress Bar (AEE version of Ahmose's project),

- many units used in Rome Total Realism Gold (RTR Team),

- Unified Animation Pack by Panama Red (joined and reworked by former member of AE Team Panama Red51; animations made by Trajan and EuropaBarbarorum Team),

- Marcus Camillus 4 Turns Per Year Mod 1.9.3,

- Sinuhet's Formations or Darth Formations v.16.0,

- Horses skins and models made by Pinarius,

- Large Forts by lt1956,

- And lot of other stuff.

To be continued.

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